How to Celebrate Kentucky Derby with Kids

It’s Derby time in Kentucky! That means time for hats, horses and lots of good food and fun! Many Kentucky kindergarten classes are having their Kindergarten Derbies, hat contests and special parties to celebrate this big event, but even if you aren’t in kindergarten, it’s time to bring out the fun! Here are a few ideas to help you get ready for the most exciting “Two Minutes in Sports”!

Kindergarten Derby Horse

How to Celebrate Kentucky Derby with Kids

Whether you are ready to have a family battle to pick the winning horses or just want to enjoy the amazing spectacle and experience of the Kentucky Derby, everyone can get involved and make some memories.

Wear your best Derby Hat

When we visited the Kentucky Derby Museum we saw amazing hats that have won competitions and rival some of the finest art exhibits in the world. These hats are amazing and are chosen and crafted by some very talented artisans.

But with kids, you can have some family fun and create their own personal Derby hat! This is a great crafty activity to work on with your kids. Bring out the plastic horses, flowers, paper money from your favorite game and the glue gun to create a special Kentucky Derby Hat!

Kentucky Derby Hats for Kids

And don’t think that the Derby hats are just for girls; One of our favorite Derby hats for boys was the one with the horse race on top of my son’s ball cap using some floral wire and foam horses!

how to make a kids derby hat

Give Kids their own Stick Horse

When we visited Dollywood several years ago, we saw that Dolly Parton has an extensive stick horse collection at the Dollywood Stampede.

Dolly Parton Stick Horse Collection

But stick horses for Derby Day don’t have to be that elaborate.  My kids love their Kentucky Derby Stick Horses that our kindergarten teachers made for them each year. If I know Mrs. Sheila, she is busy making 30 more stick horses right now to get ready for the Kindergarten Derby in Lincoln County!

stick horse for derby day

There’s just something fun about letting kids have a stick horse race in the backyard or on the school ball field.

kindergarten derby race
My daughter’s Kindergarten Derby Race in 2011.

How do you plan to celebrate the Kentucky Derby? I’d love to hear your favorite traditions for Derby weekend!

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