Growing Up With a Mom Blogger


Many bloggers get started in the blogging business because they love to talk about their kids. Then they discover the joys of doing product reviews and the fun goes to a whole new level. It’s Win-Win! The kids get new toys and Mom gets new subject material. But growing up with a mom blogger is not all rainbows and sunshine. I decided to check with my kids and get their perspective on what it’s like to be the child of a mom blogger!

If you are a Mom Blogger, I bet your kids are going to relate to what they have to say!

Growing Up With a Mom Blogger

Being a blogger is simple – especially if you have kids, right? All you have to do is look at what they’re doing, take pictures and write about it. Actually, there is a little more to it than that. I have to admit that I always hate when my kids head back to school after a long weekend break. Why? One reason is because they are the subjects for many of my blog pictures and posts. With them gone, I actually have to resort to more creative options for taking pictures for my blog post.

growing up with a mom blogger

There are several things that all kids that are growing up with a Mom blogger know. See if any of this sounds familiar!

From the kids:

New Toy Protocol

It’s super fun to get a new toy in the mail, but instead of ripping it open to play with it, you have to follow blogging protocol.

  • Open it slowly.
  • Take pictures of the product pieces and the packaging.
  • Have Mom take step by step pictures of the assembly.
  • Hold up the product while we smile and show how much we like the product.
  • Tell Mom why you do or don’t like the product.
  • Retake the pictures if the lighting is bad.
  • Finally – enjoy the new toy!

Craft time procedure

  • Mom needs step-by-step process
  • Get pictures of all the supplies
  • Make sure Mom gets a picture of me cutting or creating the craft
  • Don’t forget the picture with the finished project. (Make sure you have a smiling face showing how much fun you had creating this craft).
craft time protocol


Mealtime may be a simple matter of sitting down at the table for some families but not for a blogger family. Mealtime is actually just another opportunity to take pictures There’s the before picture with all the ingredients. Then of course she has to take a picture of the food cooking. And don’t forget the picture with the hand on the fork.

That’s if you’re lucky! Sometimes Mom needs to have a picture of the food with your face in the background.


Back to Me….

Mom Bloggers and Children’s Privacy

There are some things you will never see on Hobbies on a Budget. I never post my kids birthdays, personal identifying information or pictures that they don’t approve of. Sure, you probably know their names if you read this blog very often, you may even recognize their faces; but I made a promise to my kids and my husband that I will never post things that will ever embarrass or cause them problems in the future. I never want to blog about them in such a way that it would cause them problems with future job searches, college applications or embarrass them with future dates or mates.

Before I ever hit publish on an article, I always ask my kids permission to use their pictures. They usually say ok, but occasionally they have asked me not to use certain pictures. And I never publish them unless they give permission! They deserve that respect from me, don’t you think?

My blog is an extension of my family life. When we do activities, crafts, cook special recipes or spend time outdoors, I love to share that with you my readers. My kids are a vital part of this blog but they know that they are my priority and my blog comes after them. I don’t want them to grow up and express regret because I missed their growing up years.

Knowing when to Unplug

I have seen many videos, posts and reminders about being actually present when we are with our family and friends rather than having our nose buried in our phones or devices. I do take lots of pictures and occasionally check my phone when I’m out but I have definite boundaries for when I’m with the family. There are definite ‘no phone/computer times’ that give me the precious opportunity to spend quality time with the ones I love.

Are you a Mom Blogger? What would you add to this list of experiences that children of Bloggers share? I’d love to hear!

Keep reading Hobbies on a Budget for more activities and ways to make memories with our kids!

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  1. We don’t use our kids’ names. I don’t even use my husbands name. They get to ok pics. And like most bloggers’ kids they often give a review even if it’s not for the blog or they pose for pics lol

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