Smart Piggy Bank for Kids

How do you teach your kids to save money? Do your kids have a piggy bank to collect loose change? Our kids are 6,8 and 11 and have been learning to save money for most of their young lives. But now we have a new smart piggy bank for kids that should help us learn a few other lessons about our money.

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Smart Piggy Bank for Kids

When the kids get money for birthdays or Christmas, we have always had one official rule. They put half in their savings account and the other half they get to keep. But now it’s time for all of us to take our savings habit to another level.

The Money Saving Pig has 4 individual slots so you can designate your money for individual goals. We are using this smart pig as a family bank. Anytime we have extra change around our house it now gets divided into the 4 slots: savings, spend, donate or invest. This bank gives us a chance to talk about the importance of donating and investing as well.

Smart piggy bank for kids

Meet the piggy bank for the 21st Century – the Money Savvy Pig. This unique bank helps teach kids the basic choices for money: SAVE, SPEND, DONATE and INVEST. Kids can set goals for each of the money choices, put money into each of the 4 separate tummies and watch their money grow for each of the money choices. Then they can easily empty each individual chamber through a unique foot on the bottom of the bank. Each bank includes eye stickers, goal-setting stickers and a guide on how to get started. Available in translucent blue, green and pink.

smart piggy bank for kids

I love the stickers that come with the bank. There are predesigned stickers that you can use to remind you of your savings goals, or you can use the blank stickers to personalize them for your particular plans.

How do you teach your children to save money? I’d love to hear your best tips.

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