Share it Forward and Say Thanks!

Is school done in your area of the country? We just recently finished our last day and are excited to be starting our long Summer break. But the teachers and staff still have a few more days left. We decided it would be fun to tell them thanks for a great year by sharing a free Coke with them as they began their staff days.

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Share it Forward and Say Thanks!

When life gets busy, it’s often easy to miss the easy opportunities to say thanks for a job well done! When we were growing up, my Mom always made sure we wrote thank you notes. We were taught that if someone takes the time to do something nice for us, then we need to take the time to say thanks! The teachers, faculty and staff at our school have done a great job this past year and deserve a Thank You!

Nick Name Coke Cans

Here is the fun part of this thank you! Each of these Diet Coke cans has a fun nick name. There’s something for everyone – BFF, Bestie, Sweetie, Grillmaster. The more I looked at the Coke Cans, the more I started wondering which can best represents me? Who Am I?

How to make the sign

I wanted a super easy sign that would be very clear to each of the teachers and staff so they would know they were supposed to take 2 free cokes! Wouldn’t it be fun to be a fly on the wall when the teachers start picking through the cooler to find the perfect can for themselves and their friend!

  • Print two Free Cokes signs or make your own.
  • Tape each piece of paper to a stiff piece of cardboard or heavy scrapbook paper.
  • Tape the 2 pieces of cardboard/scrapbook paper together.
  • Fold a 2 inch flap on both pieces of heavy paper.
coke cooler 2
  • Tape the 2 flaps together forming a triangle.
  • Use duct tape to attach the sign to the top of your cooler.
  • Fill the cooler with your Coke cans and plenty of ice.
  • Position your cooler in a place where everyone will see it!
coke cans in cooler



How will you Share it Forward this summer? Can you share a Coke with someone and say thanks?

And before you leave …. Which can do you think best fits you? Dreamer, Legend, Mom, Sis, BFF, Bestie, Superstar, BetterHalf, Grillmaster? I’d love to hear!

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