How to Buy LEGO Christmas Gifts & Save Money

If you have kids that love LEGO bricks as much as mine, then you know that LEGO sets are expensive. It’s tough to convince yourself that it is ok to spend money on these sets, but then you look at how much play time, imagination, creativity, and enjoyment they get from LEGOs and you end up forking out money for yet another set. There is just something amazing about LEGO bricks that kids just really can’t get enough. If you are looking for ways to save money on LEGO sets for Christmas gifts, then I have some tips for you.

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How to Buy LEGO Christmas Gifts & Save Money

How to Save Money on LEGO Sets

The first thing to understand is that LEGO sets are pricey, but for true fans of the little-colored bricks, you can save some money and shop smart. Here are my favorite ways to save money on LEGO sets.

Become a LEGO VIP Member

There’s a loyalty program for everything, including LEGO bricks. If you sign up for the free LEGO VIP Club, you can earn points toward your next purchase. When we were at the LEGO store in Mall of America a few months ago, we discovered that there are sales of sets throughout the year. You can get bonus points added to your account based on the purchase of anything in the store. If you’re going to buy the LEGO sets, you might as well be earning rewards.

The cashier shared that she has customers that are repeat purchasers who save their points toward the mega sets that cost several hundreds of dollars.

LEGO Store Mall of America
  • Earn Points towards valuable rewards! Get rewards for every dollar you spend!
  • VIPs enjoy access to special promotional gifts throughout the year.
  • Earn bonus points on select LEGO sets every month, both online and in store.
LEGOfest Louisville

Ask Santa for LEGOs

The holidays are a perfect season to collect new LEGO sets. When the kids get requests from aunts/uncles and grandparents who want to find the perfect gift, just tell them LEGO sets! Since you can purchase LEGO sets for as little as $12-$15, then these are perfect for family and friends to purchase for your child. The great thing is that you can always use more LEGO bricks, so even if someone buys a duplicate set, you will need those pieces to create a new freeform build!

Buy a Book

Did you know that you can give the gift of reading PLUS a LEGO Minifigure? There are some really cool books that come with exclusive characters.

LEGO Character Encyclopedias with minifigures


Pick a Brick

Want a fun way to stretch your money and gift an experience, not just a standard LEGO set? How about the Pick a Brick option? If you go in store, you can fill a container from the Pick and Build Wall with as many pieces as you can fit! Just make sure the top can close securely! ($16.00 – large container; $9.00 – regular).

LEGO Mall of America Pick & Build

If you aren’t near a LEGO store, you can do the Pick a Brick online option and actually pick out the individual pieces you want and they will mail you a custom bag of your bricks and pieces!

Make sure you sign up for the VIP LEGO Club so you earn points on your Pick a Brick purchases!

McKays Used Book Store

If you live in Nashville, Chattanooga or Knoxville, Tennessee you may be able to buy preowned LEGO bricks and figures with book credit. Simply bring in your unwanted books, media, games and music for in-store credit and then buy LEGO bricks by the pound.

Buy lots on Ebay

If you are looking for miscellaneous lots of LEGO bricks, you can purchase them by the pound on Ebay! Make sure you start at Mr. Rebates first so you can earn 1% rebate back on each of your purchases!

Make sure you check to see what you are receiving when you make a purchase of LEGO bricks by the pound on eBay. Sometimes the image shown is not what you will actually receive.

Shop at thrift stores

Though much rarer than it used to be, there are still some great treasures to be found in thrift stores and yard sales if you are looking for LEGOs. Keep a regular eye at your local thrift stores and watch for LEGOs to show up on the shelf. We have struck gold a few times and are always on the lookout for the next great deal!

LEGOfest Louisville with BB8

Check out Black Friday Sales

We’re really close to the holiday seasonal sales. So go to the big retailers where you plan to do some holiday shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and put several LEGO sets in your cart. Then hop over several times over the next few days to see if the price goes down.

You’ll notice that there are already sales starting on select LEGO sets on!

What are some other ways you have found to enjoy LEGOs without spending a fortune? I’d love to hear, because though my kids are getting older, they will never outgrow their love for LEGO bricks and LEGO sets!

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