4 Lessons Kids Learn by Building


Hobbies aren’t just for adults. Kids enjoy experimenting with different hobbies at each stage of their life. My kids have gone through stages where they loved building with the big Mega Blocks, Fisher Price Trio Builders and then moved to LEGO bricks. I don’t think they will ever outgrow LEGOs. Even my brother who is 35 years old still gets new LEGO sets for Christmas.

Recently I was watching the kids build with the different types of building toys we have in our house. I noticed something – they are not just having fun, they are also learning some important life lessons that are going to serve them well their entire life. Here are 4 lessons Kids Learn by building with toys.

4 Lessons Kids Learn by Building


Working Together

Have you watched your kids build with LEGO blocks, Mega Bloks or K’Nex recently? If each of the kids tries to do their own thing, the creation doesn’t look near as cool. It takes teamwork to build a masterpiece. If they are actually trying to build from a set of instuctions, then someone has to read the directions. When they are free building, they have to actually work together to achieve the look they are wanting. Sometimes, it means someone has to compromise to get the building to look ‘just right’.

Problem Solve

When we started building the Marble Racer, we couldn’t get the marble to stay on the track for the loops. After much trial and error, we finally realized that we didn’t have enough momentum to get the marble to stay on the track; plus, we had the loops too large. As a family, we looked at the problem and found a solution. We were able to make a 4 loop marble racer that was the ultimate cool track!

Keep Trying

Sometimes it’s hard to make something work the first time. My 6 year old has been learning to read the directions for the building sets on his own. Sometimes it gets frustrating when he doesn’t do something right. He is learning that when he gets frustrated, that he has to take a break and then keep trying. Nothing in life is going to be easy; might as well learn to keep trying when you are young.

Clean Up your Own Mess

One problem many parents have with building sets is the big mess that comes with the fun. My kids know that if they dump out the whole bucket of LEGO bricks, then they have to clean up the mess when they are done. We have always had a rule of One toy out at a time. Over the past 11 years, that rule has had varying degrees of success; but we always try very hard to enforce it. If we allow the building toys to stay out for too long, then the kids quit playing because their play space is a mess. Make the kids clean up their own mess, because as they grow they will need the self discipline this teaches them.


Building Options

Most families have Mega Bloks and LEGO Sets already, but if you are ready to branch out and find some ‘other’ building options for variety, check out these options here:


Do your kids love to build? What’s their favorite brand right now? Have you noticed them learning these lessons while they play? I’d love to hear from you!

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