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I’ve always loved to read but like all hobbies, reading goes in seasons. Right now I’m enjoying several different kinds of books. Since many people are finding themselves with slower evenings due to physical distancing, I thought I’d share some new books as well as a few old friends! Plus I’ve got a fun way to help you share your books with friends who you can’t spend time with physically!

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When Calls the Heart

Author: Janette Oke
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This is a classic favorite from back in the day that was made into a DVD series loosely based on the book a few years ago. So when Natalie was looking for a book last week, she started reading it to see if the book was better than the TV show. That encouraged me to pick it back up on the Kindle app and read it again for the ‘umpteenth’ time. And it was as enjoyable a read this time as it has always been in the past.

Everyday Legacy

Author – Codi Shewan
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We all the same amount of time each day. Right now we are building our legacy that will last after we are gone. What if we started acting the way we want to be remembered—right now—and shared our unique gifts with the world? In Everyday Legacy, Codi Shewan inspires readers to redefine how we live and embrace the idea of living—not leaving—a legacy. Each moment of the day, we have the ability to change ourself and those around us, in profound ways.

So many times we think about our legacy as the things we leave behind, but Everyday Legacy challenges us to think about living it every day. This book shares stories of unexpected friendship when the author worked as a young volunteer in palliative care to what he learned through his estranged father’s funeral. Everyday Legacy shows us how to choose a life that matters.

Roaring Lambs

Author – Bob Briner
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This is another book that I read when it first came out in 1995, but I picked up a few years ago at a used book store to reread. This past week I pulled it off the shelf and started reading it again.

Too many Christians think that making a difference in our world is the responsibility of the ‘professionals’ like pastors, missionaries and full-time Christian workers. But Bob Briner writes that all Christians can and ought to be the movers and shakers of social change — “roaring lambs” who infiltrate and make an impact on their workplace and world with their faith. Roaring Lambs was written from Briner’s personal experience as an Emmy Award-winning television producer. It takes you into the work world strategies anyone can use.

Shine Bright – a Color, Draw & Dream Book

Author – Lindsay Hopkins
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This is a book all about you! Build creativity and confidence with this super fun book that focuses on all of the awesome traits that make you special! Each chapter features adorable patterns to color, fun drawing lessons, and ideas for writing about your hopes and dreams. From llamas and mermaids to unicorns and butterflies, you’ll find cuteness, inspiration, and fun on every page!

Tip to share books during social distancing:

I have a young cousin that I know will absolutely love this book! I’ve had it in a stack to give her next time we are together but with social distancing, it may be a while. So last night, I went to www.USPS.com and printed a shipping label so it can go out in the mail tonight! I dropped in a couple gel pens with the book for a fun surprise for a little girl who may be just a bit stir crazy right now.

Cloud’s Legacy

Author – Ginger Kathrens
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Cloud, a young stallion in the Rocky Mountains, is beautifully featured in the new book Cloud’s Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns. Author Ginger Kathrens continues the saga of the wild horses of the Arrowheads in Cloud’s Legacy, a companion volume to PBS’s NATURE program.  

The story is told in 22 engaging chapters that follow Cloud and his growing family through their real-life adventures in the Rocky Mountains. Kathrens’s documentaries about Cloud, his cohorts, and family won the CINE Golden Eagle Awards, Chicago International Television Competition, U.S. International Film and Video Festival, and the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival.

Nana’s Garden

Author: Larissa Juliano
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Explore all of the delights and surprises to be found in NANA’S GARDEN. Join our young gardener as she spends her Sundays picking juicy red tomatoes, catching beautiful black and orange butterfliescounting the daisies in her basket, scooping up caterpillars, and much more. Larissa Juliano’s joyful word play begs to be read aloud again and again to toddlers sitting on laps… and dreaming of sunny days in Nana’s garden.

  • Lively text appeals to children and the person reading it to them.
  • Sturdy format is perfect for little hands.
  • Combines counting and color recognition while encouraging movement and play.
  • A perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

R2-D2 Is Lost

The droids are in for an Endor-able adventure! While C-3PO is pleased to once again be treated like a god by the Ewoks, and BB-8 is curious about his new furry companions, R2-D2 finds himself in a wilderness experience gone wrong when he comes across a small Ewok in need of help. With charming illustrations by Brian Kesinger, this next installment of the fun new Droid Tales picture book series is a delightful addition to any youngling’s growing library. R2-D2 is Lost – by Caitlin Kennedy  (Author), Brian Kesinger (Illustrator)

What books are you reading right now? I’d love to hear your current favorites!

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