Kindle Books for Christmas

If you have a Kindle on your wishlist for Christmas, then get prepared now by downloading the free Kindle books. Since these free ebooks rotate regularly, then the books that are free today will probably not be free in December. You can start ‘buying’ them now and then load them to your Kindle if you get it for Christmas.

You can go to Kindle for PC and download for your computer. Very simple.

All you do is download it, then go hereto download free books (note: not all Kindle ebooks are free, but there are quite a few choices). You must have an account to access this deal. (No credit card required, of course!)

Now when you ‘buy’ the ebooks now, they will be accessible through your Kindle for PC on your computer.

Once you buy your Kindle, you will be able to sinc up your Kindle for PC with your new device and be able to access all the ebooks on both your computer and Kindle.


Here’s a few of the choices right now that caught my attention:

Tip: Once you find one free one, then look toward the bottom of the page and it will suggest more free ebooks!

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