How To Get Out of a Reading Rut

Do you love to read? Do you ever find yourself reading the very same authors or genre?
Sometimes I find that I am in a reading rut! Maybe it’s time to break out and read something new! Here are some tips to help you find a new book!

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how to get out of a reading rut

How to Get out of a Reading Rut

Ask a Friend/Family Member. 

At a recent family reunion my cousin and I spent a long time talking about our latest favorite books.  We ended up discovering some great new author/book ideas.  We found so much common ground discussing old favorites and new finds.  Friends and family members know you well.  They can often help you find a great new book.

Ask your local librarian. 

When I get completely stuck and need something new to read, I’ll take a few minutes and talk to our librarians.  Most librarians are huge book lovers and know all the best authors.  Even if they haven’t read all the books, they know how to make some great suggestions!

Browse the top 40 Bestsellers.

  • You can take a quick look at the New York Times Bestsellers list.
    I rarely read the books on the top seller lists, but if you are looking for something completley new, it’s a great option.
  • Check out Amazon Top 100 Ebookslist.  The list changes frequently. I love checking out the top 100 Free side of the list!
Natalie Reading a book

Randomly Pick a New Book

Walk down a book store aisle and just grab 3 books by unknown authors. When I was in college, I ran into a well-noted local Pastor in a used book store. He was filling a basket with used paperback mysteries. I asked him how he knew whether the books were going to be any good. His response? He told me he would try any book that looked interesting, no matter who the author was. If it was trash or boring, he could always throw it away. Since the used book store priced the books so cheap, it was worth it to him to branch out and try new authors.

One year I had a great idea for a Christmas idea for a book lover in my family!

Enter a book giveaway.

Many bloggers are receiving books to read and review. They often turn around and offer them as giveaways to their readers. There are usually few entries for book giveaways.

How do you get inspired to break out of your reading rut? I’d love to hear!

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