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My 1st grade daughter collects Schleich Animals. If you ask her why Schleich? She’ll tell you immediately that it’s because they’re made so well – they’ll last forever. “And the details, Mom! The animals look real!”

What is a Schleich Animal?

Only the best is good enough for our children’s development.

Our Schleich figures help promote children’s development and, through creative and imaginative play, help them to learn the lasting values which will prepare them for a joyful and positive life.

This objective is our number one priority and is firmly anchored in everything we do.

Each year we develop and expand our play worlds with new figures which were missing before or which increase the play value of the world as a whole.

We take inspiration from nature, collaboration with international experts and our most critical fans, the children. The tools are painstakingly refined by hand until the production pattern for the figure meets our high quality requirements. Hand painting makes every figure absolutely unique.

Where can you find them?
You can buy these animals at most Targets, Meijers, ToyRus or even the local Tractor Supply Company. You can also buy Schleich Animalsfrom

How can you tell whether an animal is Schleich?
The underside of any Schleich animal will be clearly marked. The animal will be heavier than a typical plastic toy and will have texture and detail. Once you’ve seen a few of the figures, you can tell a definite difference.

We love looking through the odds and end toybox at the Thrift stores. One day recently, I saw a horse and knew instantly that it was Schleich! Of course I bought that one. It was only .50! Can’t beat that!

Play Online Games
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What is your favorite Schleich Animal? I’d love to hear!

I received absolutely no compensation, free products or incentives to write this article. I’m just telling you about my daughters collection. Maybe the Schleich company will read this and offer her a special figure. Wouldn’t that be fun?

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  1. I too enjoy the Schleich animals, though have so far resisted the urge to purchase some until we get some debt under control. But one day! I love your idea that Schleich may see this post and offer your daughter a figure! I hope that happens! Have a great week!

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