5 Popular Starter Collections

People collect everything from antique batteries to bobbleheads and fast food trinkets. Potential collectibles can be found in nearly every store, restaurant and motel. Almost any item may become a collectible, especially if it comes in many different varieties. The hobby of collecting offers a fun and sometimes lucrative pastime for people throughout the world. Some of the most popular collectibles include stamps, coins and baseball cards.


Considering that almost every country in the world has minted a large variety of coins, the range of items to collect is almost limitless. Some collectors choose to seek rare, ancient or foreign coins. Others look for misprints or try to collect all of the coins in a set, such as the recent state quarters collection. Metals like silver and gold add to the intrinsic value of a coin. The most valuable coins remain shiny and show little corrosion or wear.

Beanie Babies

These cute stuffed animal toys became quite popular during the late 1990s. Some people bought large quantities of Beanie Babies, predicting that they would rise in value. However, the manufacturer produced so many toys that this failed to occur. Nonetheless, Beanie Babies remain fun to collect. A few rare items did become valuable, such as the bear with a misprinted label.


Collectors can find “wobblers” that look like famous athletes, actors, politicians and cartoon characters. Several companies make custom bobbleheads based on customers’ photos. This popular collectible comes in a range of sizes, styles and materials. Some also contain weights that keep them from tipping over. All of these factors combine to make every collection unique.


Baseball Cards

The first baseball cards began to appear in the early 1900s. Most modern cards bear the player’s name and photograph on the front side. The other side of a baseball card typically provides detailed statistics on the player’s performance. Collectors often try to obtain very old cards that hold significant value. Rare cards can be worth many thousands of dollars. The most dedicated collectors attend annual baseball card shows.


Different estimates put the number of stamp collectors worldwide at 50 to 200 million. Some people try to collect stamps that come from different countries or have historical significance. Others look for stamps that feature the most appealing artwork. Collectors can benefit from owning magnifying glasses and special stamp holders. Such holders prevent stamps from becoming damaged in handling or storage.

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