Collecting E-Pennies for Souvenirs


My son and my Dad share a hobby collection. Thanks to my Dad, my son loves collecting e-pennies for souvenirs. Everywhere we go, are on the look out for the machine that will turn your penny into an elongated souvenir. For 51 cents, this is a pretty cheap hobby!

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Collecting epennies for souvenirs

Collecting E-Pennies for Souvenirs

Many people enjoy buying souvenirs when they visit a museum, amusement park or special place. But many souvenirs are overpriced and not practical.  Collecting e-pennies can be a great souvenir to help you remember your visit as well as a fun collection to share with a family member.

For less than a dollar, you get a fun experience and a great souvenir with the name of the place you have visited! Pretty smart hobby collection!

e penny machine

How does it work?

To create an e-penny souvenir, you must have 2 quarters and a penny. If you don’t have exact change, you can sometimes get it from the cashier or trade with a friend.

You put the coins in the machine, pick your design, and start cranking. It takes quite a bit of pressure to smash the coin and form the stamp on your penny.

e penny 2

Where to find Epenny Machines

You can typically find the machines at historical landmarks, museums, zoos, amusement parks as well as some convention centers. Just be on the lookout near the entrances of many public attractions to find the machine.

Heading to Washington DC – Smithsonian Museums for summer vacation? Why not start your elongated coin collection now so you can have a cheap souvenir hobby for your kids?

Epenny collections

Our next step….

Now that my son has been collecting these epennies, it’s time to step it up a notch and give him a place to keep his collection instead of just in a ziploc baggie. You can order the Souvenir Penny Collecting Book on Amazon or buy them near the machines in the gift shops.

Do you collect the elongated pennies? What’s your favorite memory of these little smashed coins? I’d love to hear!

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