Focus on Archery

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ve heard about The Hunger Gamesfocus on archery – the bestseller book that takes 16 year old Katnis Everdeen out of her world and pits her against 23 others in a fight to the death. Katniss has a skill that she has fine-tuned because of the need to keep her family fed. She is a first class archer.

Focus on Archery

Because of this focus on archery, Parade Magazine estimates that there has been a 161% growth in facebook fans of USA Archery in the past 15 months. The youth division is the largest. When I read that in today’s newspaper this weekend, I immediately started wondering how many of you are archery hobbyist.

In the Movies

Archery has been featured in many versions of Robin Hood. Robin Hood has been portrayed by Errol Flynn, Kevin Costner and Russell Crow.
focus on archery

In the News

USA Archery: Investing in Women
Briones Archery Club
For Paralympians, a Bigger Field of Competition

On the Internet

There are many places on the internet that give you basic tips for learning to shoot a bow and arrow. Since I have only shot a bow and arrow one time when I was in middle school at a camp, I am definitely not the go-to person. I’m hoping that this article will spark some conversation and I will discover that one of you is a passionate archer and volunteer to write a more indepth article with more detailed tips!

Learning Archery Basics
Basic Archery
Basics of Archery

Do you have any experience shooting a bow and arrow? I’d love to hear from you!

Would any of you guys like to win a bow and arrow set for your child, grandchild or friend? If I get enough comments, likes and tweets, I just might be able to make that happen! Wouldn’t that be fun!

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  1. I figure that archery is going to be huge for this summer! Figured it was a hobby we better focus on here at Hobbies on aBudget!

  2. We never had archery for PE but the one time I really tried I thought I could be the next robin hood and then the arrow just flopped. Oh well….. I would love to have my kids get the opportunity to learn!

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