Category: Collections

24 Apr

Ben E Clement Mineral Museum

Do you love rocks and minerals? Since we have members of our family who are fascinated with gems, shiny minerals and unique rocks, a visit to the Ben E...

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16 Apr

Collecting E-Pennies for Souvenirs

My son and my Dad share a hobby collection. Thanks to my Dad, my son loves collecting e-pennies for souvenirs. Everywhere we go, are on the look out for...

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30 Jun

Solar Dancing Characters Collections

Have you seen the solar dancing characters at your local Dollar Tree? These little animals, flowers, creatures and dolls are a fun way to add a smile to your...

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09 Dec

State Sign Picture Collections

What do you collect when you take a road trip?  Magnets? Spoons? Thimbles?  Road Sign Pictures? Yep!  There are many people who are keeping a record of all the...

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15 Oct

Presidential Campaign Buttons

Campaign Buttons are a popular way for people to capture a moment of political history and connect with the past. They have been around since the very beginning of...

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06 Oct

3D Phone Case Collections

People will collect anything and everything! The other night I saw some pictures my neice had posted of her latest addition to her phone covers collection. I was so...

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