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One of the reasons I love blogging is the chance to meet some neat people along the way. Today my Dad, my kids, and I spent some time with our friends at Lil Wranglers Rescue, and Jake Ison from the popular Animal Planet series Call of the Wildman.

While the kids walked and played with the mini horses, the rest of us chatted about our hobbies!

I got a chance to ask Jake a few questions about his job and his hobbies:

About the show:
Dive deep into the backwoods of wild Kentucky with legendary woodsman Ernie Brown Jr. — aka “Turtleman” — as he Jake Isontakes on some of the most outlandish and outrageous nuisance calls these woods have to offer — including raccoons, skunks, snakes, venomous spiders and possums.

Jake Ison

I asked Jake about some of his experiences on the show. He explained how they specialize in finding and removing animals from situations where they can cause harm to others or themselves. They don’t use traps or harm the animals. Instead, they use techniques and skills to relocate the animals to safe environments that are better for all involved.

We had a great time talking about some of the sitatuions the crew has found themselves in. From stories about chickens, opposums, raccoons and snakes to times when they get to work with skunks and turtles – Jake and the crew have quite the fun. They really do enjoy working together. They work long hours to tape the show and make it the success it is today.
Jake Ison
We got to talking about the importance of hobbies and how they impact our lives. Jake says one of his problems is finding time to pursue all of his hobbies.

So what’s on his list of top hobbies? Anything outdoors – hunting, archery, fishing, camping – if it involves being outside – it’s on his list.

Jake and my Dad talked about the best places to sky dive in the Louisville area, the cowboys in central Florida and the best bow and arrow set for beginners. Then of course there were several stories about how Jake developed his love for the outdoors and working with odd animals even as a kid when he caught an opposum. This guy loves his outdoor hobbies.

What did I take away from the time spent with the Lil Wranglers, my preacher dad, and someone who spends his days working on a hit show? I realized again that no matter who you are, if you have hobbies that you love, you can find common ground with just about everyone.

Have you seen the show “Call of the Wildman”? If you don’t get Animal Planet, you can check them out on Youtube.

***One more thing I learned – Call of the Wildman is a family friendly show. Jake and the entire crew are dedicated to making sure this show is approriate for anyone to watch. That means we don’t have to worry about language that we don’t use in our house. Just another reason for us to check this out!

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  1. Jake is my uncle. I’ve known him my whole life. It’s really weird to see him on TV and being talked about on blogs. Weird but kinda cool.

    1. Hi,
      My sons are watching “Call of the Wildman” and they just mentioned Jake was an Eagle Scout? If this is the case I would love for Jake to send my son, who just made Eagle, a letter of recognition if he would not mind. I can give you more information if this is possible. Thank you!

  2. What a great experience!!! Didn’t realize that the show was so dedicated to making it family friendly for all ages!! I’ll have to let my little ones watch it!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. We had a great time! Jake was a cool guy and really good with the kids and the horses. As for the show being family friendly I have to admit that today was my first real intro to them because we don’t have the animal planet channel – but guess what we’re checking out on youtube??!!?! It looks like all the episodes are availalbe to watch online. Pretty cool!

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