5 Ideas for a Tween Girl Sleepover

When is the last time you have hosted a sleepover for tween girls? You can be guaranteed that there won’t be much sleep and there will be lots of giggling. Most of the time tweens can keep themselves entertained and don’t need anything more than some snacks, maybe a movies and lots of time to talk. But occasionally you might find that you need a few other ideas. If you have a tween sleepover on the calendar, check out these ideas!

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5 Ideas for a Tween Girl Sleepover

Get Crafty

Tween girls love to get crafty but they may have short attention spans when they are at a sleepover. Offer these super cool no-sew tied pillow kits and see what happens.

Unplug & Play Games

A simple game like Charades offers a chance for lots of laughs and bonding. There are other games that don’t require anything except a few instructions.

The Sign Game (Signal Game, Pass the Sign): Summary: Signs is a simple party game involving stealth, silliness, and not getting caught! Players seated in a circle attempt to “pass” a sign (hand motion or gestures) to each other while a guesser tries to catch the person who currently has the sign.

Host a Bake Off

Most girls love to bake and create specialty desserts. Sometimes we will have all the ingredients available so the girls can bake cookies and have some fun decorating however they want!

Pull out Classic Movies

Most tweens have seen all the same movies. They have seen the latest releases and all have the same collections. So when my daughter has sleepovers, we usually pull out a classic movie. I am always amazed at how many have not seen these family favorites.

Here are a few classic movies for tween sleepovers are Sound of Music, Princess Diaries, Parent Trap, and Pollyanna.


Adult coloring is definitely trendy now, but tweens love it too. When the girls are too tired to do anything major, a little coloring may be just what you need. Small coloring bookmarks are perfect for doodling while everyone enjoys a late night snack. Just make sure you have several good markers sitting out ready for everyone to be able to enjoy their favorite colors.

What are your tips and tricks for tween sleepover? Got anything fun that always works well? I’d love to hear!

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