How to Save Money on Party Decorations

It seems like every time we turn around it’s time to decorate for another party or event. If you’re not careful, parties can become a big expense and a source of stress. Here are some decoration ideas that will help you plan a successful party and yet still keep it affordable.

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How to Save Money on Party Decorations


What’s a party without balloons? You may want to purchase a helium tank to help create a festive atmosphere and achieve the look you want or you can buy the cheap balloons at the store of your choice and use bamboo skewers or heavy string to create some pretty fun effects.

Drop a floral foam block inside a gift bag.Then poke bamboo skewers through the tied knots on the edges of the balloons. Poke each of the skewers into the foam block till you get a full balloon bouquet for a centerpiece.

Thread a needle with some heavy string and ‘sew’ the tied knots of all your balloons till you have a long rope of balloons. Then attach them from one end of the room to the other to create an archway of colored balloons.

If you are planning an outdoor party and don’t want the balloons to fly away, consider stringing them together and tie them between 2 trees.

You can also use the picnic tablecloth clips to secure the knotted ends of the balloons to the table so they don’t just fly all over the yard.

Table Centerpiece:

If you are planning a themed party, then you need a tall table centerpiece. You can use a punch bowl, cake pedestal or simply a plate that fits on top of a cereal bowl. If you are throwing a basketball themed party, then tape a basketball net around the edge. For a tea party, you might want to use a lacey ribbon. Then fill the top with something that fits the theme. You can see how I used pom-poms, a basketball and a punchbowl to create a great tournament themed table centerpiece.

For a baby shower, maybe you would want to put a big stuffed animal in the center with little washcloths and burp cloths rolled up around the edges.

Just think about your theme and then find something that would fit the theme to sit in the middle on the high place of honor.

Another variation would be to use a large floral foam cube, cover it with colored tissue paper and use skewers to create a table centerpiece. Here’s how easy it is to create a Circus themed table centerpiece.

  • Wrap the foam cube in tissue paper or wrapping paper.
  • Make 2 large bows using the red tulle ribbon.
  • Attach one of the ribbons to a skewer.
  • Wrap a piece of the red tulle around the cube and attach the 2nd bow.
  • Tie some strips of ribbon around several skewers and lay to the side.
  • Tape the boxes of animal crackers, peppermints and Cracker Jacks bags to individual skewers.
  • Blow up several balloons and attach to the skewers.
  • Poke each of the skewers into the foam cube to create the bouquet.


Streamers are one of the cheapest party decorations you can find. I usually pick them up anytime I see them in a discount bin so I have a nice collection of various colors. You can twist them and stream them across the room or area to create an instant splash of party color.

Paper Goods & Supplies

Stick to basic color paper goods so you can mix and match for parties from one season to the next. Red napkins are great for Valentines Day, Christmas, and 4th of July. If you find new paper products at yard sales or in clearance aisles, buy them and save them so you will be ready for the next party.

What are some budget friendly ways you create a festive party atmosphere? I’d love to hear from you!

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