How to Create a Basketball Party Table


It’s basketball season! March Madness! If you are a fan of the team in blue, then I know you are probably planning where you will be for the next big game! I’ve got a few super simple ideas to help you create a basketball party table. The good thing about these ideas is that they don’t cause you to spend money on things you will never need again. In fact, you probably have most of these things already in your house! Get your decorations ready, then hop over and check out this tasty Slam Dunk Coke Float!


How to Create a Basketball Party Table

Creating a fun tablescape for a party can be an elaborate event, but there are some easy ways you can transform a boring table into something super fun and festive.

Trace a Simple Basketball Court

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an artist to make a basketball court on a piece of posterboard.

Materials Needed:

  • White Rectangle Poster Board
  • Black Sharpie
  • Round plate and a ruler
white basketball court


    • Cut your posterboard in half (14″x22″)
    • Use a ruler to draw a black rectangle 1 inch in from each side
    • Use a large round plate to draw your 3 point lines
    • Draw the half court line across the middle of your poster board
    • Use a smaller round plate to draw the center tip-off circle
    • Draw your free throw sides and use a small bowl to give it the top of the free throw line

Don’t worry about being perfect. The eye sees what it expects to see not necessarily what is exactly there. This is simple a base for your basketball decorations. Your guests will assume they are seeing a basketball court under your party food.


Creating the Basketball Centerpiece

Every table needs a focal point. This is the tall object that just pulls together your theme. I pulled out my cake bowl/punch bowl and a few basketball themed pieces from the kids room and I was ready to decorate.



        • Pull out your punch bowl (or another tall bowl)
        • Tape a net around the edges (I borrowed a net from our pop-a-shot in the basement)
        • Place a basketball in the bowl (if you use a small ball like I did, then you may need to put it in a cereal bowl to hold it steady)
        • Drop in some pom-poms in the color of your team. (Can you guess who we’re rooting for?)
        • Put another pom-pom around the base.

Notice the small orange ‘basketballs’ at the base of the centerpiece? Those are just tangerines with black lines drawn on using a sharpie. If you look closely, you can see they’re not perfect. But they sure do add a little touch to our basketball theme and then make a fun snack during the game after the ice cream has melted!

orange basketball

What other festive touches would you add to this simple basketball party table? I’d love to hear your easy ideas for creating a budget friendly, party atmosphere!

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