Plastic Canvas Projects for Road Trips


Winter nights and long road trips are the perfect opportunities to get crafty. But sometimes you don’t want to start projects that take tons of concentration or require weeks to complete. That’s where plastic canvas crafts are the perfect project and offer the chance to create gifts, magnets or even gift tags. Take a look at these colorful plastic canvas projects and get inspired to start crafting!

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Plastic Canvas Projects for Road Trips

Materials Needed

Tips to make Plastic Canvas Crafts Easier

  • Check the size of the plastic canvas before you begin. If you want smaller, more detailed patterns, you should go with a larger count per inch. The sheets are numbered Plastic canvas comes in 4 sizes: 5, 7, 10 or 14 holes to the inch. Check the materials list at the top of any pattern to see what size canvas the pattern calls for.
  • Choose your yarn size. The smaller canvas sheets will use crossstitch thread while the larger sheets will use larger Needloft Craft Yarn.
  • Trace the pattern with a black sharpie to make it easier to cut.
  • Cut the plastic canvas before you hit the road.
  • Fill a plastic bag with all your cut projects so you are ready.
  • Make sure you have all the yarn colors you want before you get started.
  • You can add magnets to the back of your finished projects and drop them in an envelope the next time you mail a birthday or thank you card!

Free patterns for your next road trip

Do you enjoy plastic canvas?  I’d love to see your latest creations!

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