How to Build an “Almost Homemade” Garden Table


Building with wood is not my strong suit. That said, I have wanted a new garden table to put under my deck where I can repot, grow, and enjoy my plants. There is an old barn on my property and I knew I could recycle some of the wood from the inside walls to put it together. The only problem was my lack of carpentry skills. But with premeasured, steel table legs from SemiExact and some help from my husband and son, I was ready to begin work on an “almost homemade” Garden Table.

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How to Build an “Almost Homemade” Garden Table

Reusing lumber is not only a great way to save money, but it is also an environmentally smart choice. I love the fact that I can give our old barn wood a new form and enjoy it for years to come.

Materials Needed

  • Table Legs from Semi Exact
  • Reclaimed Barn Wood (or other lumber for table top)
  • Hardware to attach wood and legs
  • Drill, Saw, Measuring Tools
  • Paint or stain (optional)


Prepare, rescue or reclaim the wood for your project. We have an old barn on our property so we took an afternoon and knocked out one of the inner walls, removed the old nails so we could reuse the lumber that we already had.

Measure and cut the wood you want to use for your table top. We used 3 pieces of wood to make my garden bench about 16 inches wide.

At this point, you could sand, paint or stain the wood slats as desired. Since I am using this table for a garden bench, I wanted to stick with the natural wood. I may choose to stain it later, but for now, I just sanded the edges to remove some of the splinters.

Use smaller pieces of wood to connect the three pieces of wood for the tabletop. We used a clamp to hold them in place while we attached the small underpieces.

Mark and drill holes in the wood so you can attach the table legs.

By ordering the table legs already measured for your project, you skip half the work. You can order the A-frame table and bench legs exactly to your specs so it will fit exactly where you want to place your finished product.

Semi Exact believes that anyone can create high-quality furniture and make the experience easier by bringing together carefully crafted furniture components and a supportive maker community.

The durable recycled table legs and furniture bases give you the starting place for something amazing, no matter what your skill level.

Turn the table on it’s side and screw in the levelers. These make it easy to keep your table level no matter what the surface.

Now is the fun part! Move your brand new created table to it’s new home and start making memories.

I am excited to see how this bench will grow with me and give me new places to work, transplant flowers and organize my gardening space.

Have you ever built a garden table? I am excited to use it through the seasons and let it grow with me. Do you have an outdoor potting bench? I’d love to hear your tips!

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