DIY Story Puppets: Recycling Books into Fun


If you have kids and you love your books, then you probably have several that are showing their age. The kids may have torn, eaten, drooled, bent or otherwise loved on these little papeback books. Instead of tossing them into the trash, why not turn them into something fun? Recycling books into story puppets is a cheap activity with endless potential for fun.


DIY Story Puppets: Recycling Books into Fun

Materials Needed:

Old children’s books
Pipe Cleaners
Cardboard box (optional)
Decorative scrapbook paper (optional)


Give children an old book and scissors. Let them cut out the characters from the book.

books cutting

Tape the edges of a pipe cleaner to the back of the paper figure. Shape it into a circle so it can stand or attach it so it will hang from the back of your story board.

book pipe cleaner stand

Decorate a cardboard box with scrapbook paper. Attach with tape.

books scene 1

Let kids play out the stories from the book or create their own world using their imagination. Who says a book is worthless once it’s bent, chewed, slobbered on or otherwise loved?

recycle books

Other Ideas for Recycling Old Books

Create Paper Hearts

Paper Hearts out of Old Books

Have you ever given your kids permission to make crafts using an old book? I’d love to hear!

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