Halloween Costumes from Books & History

It’s time to start thinking about Halloween costumes for our kids! Halloween is always an exciting time for kids and parents to get creative and come up with some fun ideas for trick or treat. Some kids are thinking about dressing up as their favorite cartoon characters or the latest movie figures, but there are others that want something a little different. Here are some fun Halloween costume ideas from books and history that may be perfect for your kids this year!

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Halloween Costume Ideas from Books

My kids have always been big readers. Over the years, our kids have been fans of the characters in their favorite books and have dressed up as those characters. One year, my son decided that he wanted to dress up as his favorite book character from the book Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks.

Of course, we could make his costume, but that year we decided it would be easier to just buy a Halloween Costume. A simple Indian costume was a perfect start for transforming him into Little Bear.


We also ordered a craft kit so he could make his own pouch to carry all his gear. The added benefit of having him make his own pouch was the experience of creating and customizing however he wants to make it. Plus, there was more than one in the packet, so he could share them with his friends.


Book Costume Ideas:

Halloween Costume Ideas from History

Does your child to look back in history for a costume?  There are lots of costume ideas if you just think outside the box a bit.

Do you have Harry Potter Glasses from a previous year’s Halloween costume? They work perfect for Benjamin Franklin!

  • A simple blue bonnet is perfect for a Pioneer Woman
  • A colonial White Wig works for George Washington or Thomas Jefferson
  • a Black Tricorn Hat will bring Paul Revere to life!
  • Stick on beards can help create any historical figure
  • Military helmets are perfect for general soldiers or specific military generals

What book or historical character do you think would be perfect for Halloween costumes? I’d love to hear!

Looking for something more current?  Here is a simple Pokemon Ash Ketchum costume!

Ash Ketchum from Pokemon
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