Gifts Ideas for Grandkids & Grandparents

We have some amazing grandparents for our kids! Both of our parents love spending time with the grandkids and building memories. It’s fun to find new toys, gadgets, and projects that span the generations and give them new opportunities to connect. Here are some fun ideas for gift ideas that get grandkids and grandparents playing together!

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Gift Ideas for Grandkids & Grandparents

There are a few things to think about when picking out the perfect gift for grandkids and Papa! Grandkids and Papas have different physical limitations. Children can run, jump, crawl, and move faster than the older generations. So find activities that don’t require both people to get down on the ground or run around.

Pop Out Books

Play, build, and learn! Made from thick, sturdy board, the pieces in each Pop Out! book press out easily from the pages and are simple to put together (no glue or scissors necessary). Pop Out books are perfect for kids and grandparents to spend time and make memories.

Explore three different themes in the Pop Out Book series: Around the World, Dinosaurs, Space Travel.

Atomic Power Popper with Sticky Targets 

Look for toys and activities that offer intense, fun competition in a safe environment and give them both an opportunity to laugh, compete, and spend time together!

When my Dad and my son get together, they often enjoy some good-natured, intense competition with whatever poppers, shooters, and foam weapons are handy. Last week they had a pretty intense shoot-off with the Atomic Power Popper from Hog Wild. Whether you buy one to share or give each one their own so you can compete in a fast-paced shoot-off, these Power Poppers are guaranteed to generate some pretty stiff competition!

Puzzles & Games

Don’t overlook classic puzzles and games. Spread out the pieces on the kitchen table and create memories with favorites like Jenga, Monopoly or Family Friendly Puzzles.

What toys, games, and activities do you share with your grandparents and grandkids? Do you have any great suggestions on how you bridge the generations and create memories? I’d love to hear!

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