What are the best gifts for Kids?

Are you planning gift ideas for the little kids and babies in your family? There are many options for toys, gadgets, and gizmos, but how do you decide what is the best gift for these little specials? I’ve got some fun ideas to get you thinking about the perfect gift for all the kids and babies. You may discover that a couple of these gifts are perfect for you!

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What are the best gifts for Kids?

Things that make Noise

Whether you are shopping for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, or elementary kids, they all have one thing in common. They all love things that make noise. Look for toys that respond to taps, pops, hits, and pats. The Hape Baby Drum is a great toy that allows little ones to experience the wonder of music and the joy of rhythm from a very early age. They can beat the drum to emit a different sound, or roll the drum to showcase dazzling lights and original melodies that engage and inspire to explore new wonderful sounds as they play!

Toys that Move & Light Up

Look for small toys that young children can watch move and create noise. The Penguin Music Wobbler brings the sweet new melodic sounds, delighting children as they learn to go from tummy time, to sitting and even walking! Encourage children to experience sound by pushing the penguin, making him waddle and spin while emitting soothing, tinkling sounds. The little wings rock back and forth as the penguin teeters from side to side.

Stories That Make You Care

When we rescued our first dog many years ago, the kids were exposed to the harsh reality that sometimes animals have a rough life. Henry was a small Yorkie who was rescued from a rough life living outside with very little care and even less love. He was a special dog that we loved very much.

Although it may not be the right time to adopt a pet, expose your children to stories about animal adoptions and rescues so their hearts will be soft toward dogs and cats who need a little extra love.

PT Runs Free

PT Runs Free”, written by Jason Kraus and illustrated by Connor DeHaan, is an inspirational story featuring real-life rescue dog PT, who now resides in Fort Myers, Florida, and his journey as a shelter dog to facing further adversity by losing a leg to finding his “furever” home with a powerful message he now delivers – to Never Give Up.

Boosk that Help you Learn

Learning can be a ton of fun! If you have young kids who are constantly asking “why”, “how” or “who”, then these books from National Geographic are sure to be a hit! Pick up several for a full gift or use these books as perfect stocking stuffers!

Ultimate Book of African Animals 
by Beverly and Dereck Joubert
(ages 8-12, hardcover)
Travel to the plains of the Serengeti, the sands of the Sahara, and the shaded nooks of the rainforest. A big, beautiful guide to animals that roar, race, and “totally rule,” this gift-worthy book is overflowing with facts, stats, and photos of animals of all behaviors, shapes, and sizes — including the tiny bombardier beetle, the sneaky desert viper, mischievous monkeys, elusive Ethiopian wolves, as well as fan favorites like lions, elephants, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, hippos, gorillas, rhinos, and so many more.

Top Secret: Spies, Codes, Capers, Gadgets and Classified Cases Revealed 
(ages 8-12, Hardcover)

From mastering escape and evasion techniques to crafting the perfect disguise, building a gadget on the fly or decoding secret intel, Top Secret takes the reader into the shadow world of espionage and all things clandestine, where “all is not what it seems,”.

Little Kids First Big Book of Rocks, Minerals, and Shells

(ages 4-8, hardcover)

Discover how rocks are formed, the three kinds of rocks, and the difference between rocks and minerals. Learn how rocks and minerals are used in art, architecture, industry, and science. Then journey to the oceans to explore seashells and the amazing animals that once inhabited them. Packed with more than 200 stunning photos, including closeups of each specimen, this colorful book showcases breathtaking natural sites such as the Giant’s Causeway and human-built structures like the Great Wall of China.

Brain Candy 3 
(ages 8-12, paperback)

Elephants have thick skin, but just how thick? Turns out it’s 50 times thicker than human skin and can add as much as 2,000 pounds (900kg) to the weight of this massive animal! Earth’s smaller animals offer some sweet surprises, too. Hop on a honeybee to discover just how hardworking these fast-flying insects are. They beat their wings 200 times a second as they fly about. And no wonder they’re so busy–they need to pollinate two million flowers to make just one pound (.45 kg) of honey. If you like seeing far-out facts in a new light, the third book in the series takes a deep (and delicious) dive into numbers, fun facts, and cool trivia on all kinds of topics.

101 Life Hacks: Genius Ways to Simplify Your World 
(ages 8-12, paperback)

Turn ordinary into awesome with this fun book, jam-packed with science-inspired ideas kids can use to simplify, prettify, and eco-fy their lives at home, school, and on the go. Get tips and tricks for upcycling and reusing old stuff, as well as hands-on activities, fun facts, and insights from professional-grade life hackers who use their problem-solving skills to change the world.  Make cool lantern lights for your room, discover a tried-and-true brain freeze cure, learn how to boost your memory power, and more. By the end, you’ll be able to hack your way through all kinds of problems, from a messy backpack to stage fright, a drippy ice-pop to smelly shoes! 

Weird But True! New York City

Did you know that 25 species of shark swim off NYC’s coastline? Or that astronauts can see the lights of Times Square from space? And get this: In New York, Sesame Street is a real place AND there’s a library where you can visit the actual stuffed animals that inspired the characters in Winnie the Pooh!

Explore 300 wacky facts and pictures from the five boroughs. You’ll get a look at the city’s storied past, learn about weird stuff in New York today, and even meet a couple of goats that held up traffic on the subway. The city that never sleeps truly has something for everyone–from giant pillow fights to epic Broadway musicals to pizza-loving rats.

Whether you’re an NYC native, an adventure-loving tourist, an armchair traveler, or a trivia buff, this fact-packed, fun-filled book is for you!

Go Wild! Sea Turtles
(hardcover, ages 4-8)

Welcome to the wild world of sea turtles! In this intro to the species, youngsters discover where on Earth these animals live, what they eat, how big they grow, and how they communicate. Cool photos of all the different kinds of sea turtles’ relatives and just-hatched turtle babies bring the creatures into full focus. After learning the basics, young readers will discover why sea turtles need our help and what people around the world are doing to help save them. Filled with fun facts, games, and activities focused on making a difference in the sea turtle world, this book will inspire kids to care about these amazing animals.

Things that Challenge your Brain

Easy Hidden Pictures for Kids Ages 3-5

Kids are naturally curious, so why not feed your child’s curiosity with a treasure hunt in the palm of their hands? This kids’ activity book is a tool that is both fun and educational. Kickstart their love of learning and sharpen their visual skills with an easy-to-use hidden picture book. 

English and Spanish Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Introduce your child to learning a new language through the power of Woo! Jr.’s crossword puzzles for kids. Packed with more than 80 bilingual activities to encourage your child’s love of Spanish, this crossword puzzles workbook is the essential guide to strengthening your child’s dual language learning skills.

 What do you plan to give to the kids in your life on your wish list? Got any great ideas? I’m already looking forward to sharing some of these ideas with family, some with friends, and some for the Angel Tree, toy drives that I want to participate in this holiday season!

Looking for other gifts for holiday toy drives, check out these ideas for all the donation options for the season.

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