Creative Gift Ideas for Kids

Finding the perfect gift for kids is a challenge sometimes. You want to find something fun and unique but you don’t want to buy something that kids won’t enjoy. Whether you are online this week or out in the stores looking for some fun creative gift ideas for kids in your life, let these ideas get you started thinking in a fun direction that is sure to be a perfect gift!

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Creative Gift Ideas for Kids

Creative Gift Ideas for Kids

Stikbot Pirate Movie Studio

If you have kids that love to use their imagination and are looking for something to spark their creativity, Stikbots may be just the thing. These little bendable characters have suction cups on their hands and feet so they can walk up the side of glass or be positioned on this pirate movie set to help create animated video clips. You can download a free app that will help you create your own movies using stop animation!

Stikbot Pirate Studio

Zing Toys

My 10 year old son is addicted to fidget spinners, gadgets and cubes. He loves things that light up, make noise and move.  There are a full line of finger play gadgets and gizmos that do these things in new ways.  Zing Dama is a ball on a string with a catcher ring that challenges your coordination and persistence. The goal is to capture the ball in nine different places. It is portable and lightweight with LED lights making it perfect for outdoors or after dark.

Zing toys for holiday gifts for kids

Smooshy Mushy

Whether you have a young elementary age girl or older middle school teen, Smooshy Mushy’s are super fun and relevant. These little squeezable, squashable characters are perfect stress balls or backpack friends. They are a bit tough to find right now and are selling out fast! But trust me, if you can find them, they are sure to be a hit!

Look for them online but you may have better success shopping in store at Walmart!

Each of the Smooshy Mushy pets can be squeezed and flattened and then they grow back to the full shape. They come in little jugs or bento boxes and make perfect gifts!

Smooshy Mooshy Gift Idea for Kids

Finding great toys for kids is sometimes a mystery, but these toys are guaranteed to be a hit! Some of these toys that we received are being gifted to our friends and others are hiding under the Christmas tree! Which one is your favorite?

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