Gift Ideas for High School Girls

It’s back to school season! Teenagers are starting high school and are dreaming about the big adventures that are just around the corner. If you are looking for some gift suggestions or back to school ideas for high school girls, I’ve got you covered! Teen girls are really not hard to shop for if you know a few important details.

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Gift Ideas for High School Girls

High school girls may seem to be complex and hard to figure out, but most of them have some common denominators. Whether the high school girl on your list is an athlete, musician, academic or any combination of the groups that make high school so complex, they all need some basic gear.

Hair Products:

Girls of all ages like to keep their hair ready for any occasion and often tend to pack every tool and product when they go on school trips and activities. Give them travel size products like this Glister hair straightener so they don’t have to carry so many large bags.

The Mini Adventurist Flat Iron is the new solution to glamorous travel, featuring an exclusive designer travel pouch for convenient carrying & styling on-the-go! Glister’s exclusive travel pouch pattern was inspired by bold & fearless avant-garde design, chic tropical undertones, and our love for the freedom of abstract expression. 


The Wet Brush original detangler hair brush does not rip or pull out knotted hair. Instead it untangles event the toughest tangles with ease.

AntiBacterial Products:

Let’s face it. Germs are everywhere and school is one of the biggest places to pick up viruses, bugs and nasty germs. But not all anti bacterial products are the same.

Elyptol products are designed for high frequency professional and consumer use. Uniquely enhanced by the healing properties of eucalyptus oil combined with naturally sourced pure ethanol, Elyptol is safe and gentle for your skin when used as directed, effectively killing germs harmful to your health.



Whether your high school girl is into converse, chacos, birkenstocks or boots, there are options for every style. A few years ago I took a chance and ordered some new shoes for my daughter for Christmas and ended up hitting gold. Sometimes, it’s nice to surprise them with something they may not know they want.

These Lamo shoes offer comfort and fun style. Buy them at or shop at your closest Kohls online or instore.

Travel Bags:

Every high school girl needs a tote bag to keep up with all the gadgets, chargers, notebooks and snacks on bus trips or adventures. A Kavu bag is a great option with colors and designs for every style.

What gift ideas or back to school items do you have for your high school girl? I’d love to hear!

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