Are you READY for Winter Emergencies?

Cold weather is here and now is the time to make sure we are ready for winter emergencies. Most of us have enough food in our cabinets that we could survive a few days of weather issues, but many people just don’t think they will have to worry about being ready for any emergencies. Here are a few basic things we all need to do now to make sure we are prepared for what can come in the next few months.

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Are you READY for Winter Emergencies?

Plan for Lights Out

We occasionally have had times where the electricity goes out and we need an alternate light source. When that happens. do you know where your flashlights are? Do they even work? Check your flashlights and make sure they have fresh batteries. We keep a flashlight in each bedroom as well as one in the basement. We don’t want the kids waking up in the middle of a power outage or stuck in the basement without a light source.

Another great product that I just recently discovered is the SolarPuff™ ! This product is probably one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. It folds flat and then pops out into this portable light-up cube that provides light and even charges your phone. You can power it with a USB or even with solar energy. I love this for emergency prep or even outdoor adventures, cookouts or even night hikes. What a fun product!

SolarPuff™-LS is the collapsible Origami solar lantern. No mouth inflation needed! Folds flat and Pops open into a 4.3″ x 4.3″ highly engineered magical bright LED cube. When this solar lantern collapses flat, it’s so thin it disappears into your backpack or glove compartment. SolarPuff is the ideal portable solar lantern for camping lights, hanging garden lights,  perfect for emergency lighting, or simply take along with the dog for an evening walk around the block. It serves you in every way possible, from table light to camping lights, outdoor patio light, or reading light for any occasion. This foldable  origami solar lantern gives you the most soothing and magical light for any time, any where. Clean LED lighting at its best.

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Don’t forget the Toilet Paper.

How much toilet paper does your family unit need? A few years ago, we did a test to find out how much we use in 30 days. We discovered that we need to keep approximately 35 rolls for our family unit. Smaller families would need less. This is one thing you don’t want to run out of.

Have a heat plan.

Not every house has a fireplace, but every home should have a backup heat plan. It’s not always possible to spend hundreds of dollars on a full generator but you do need a backup heat option. You can purchase a kerosene heater for around $100 that will help your family stay warm if the electricity goes out. Maybe you won’t need it every single winter, but when temperatures hit these record lows, you don’t want to worry about being too cold.

If you have a fireplace, keep a small stack of wood or firestarters for those just-in-case cold nights when the electric heater may not be available.

You might want to purchase a simple product called Pull Start Fire – Pull String Firestarter. This simple product will help you start a fire whether you are dealing with wind or wet wood and requires no matches.

You simply loop the green string around one log, stack a few more pieces of wood on top and then pull the red string. There is a quick spark and your fire is started.

Have a Water Plan

Winter Snow Day

Every family unit should keep at least one case or several gallons of bottled water on hand for emergencies. Maybe you think that you could always run out and grab a case if your water line breaks or is no longer drinkable. But if that situation occurs, everyone in your community will be looking for water at the same time. Why not just pick up a case the next time you are in the store so you won’t be caught unprepared?

Tip: During some winter emergencies in the past, we filled up the bathtub so we would have water to flush the commodes. It’s not something you think about often, but when winter emergencies shut down electricity and life gets a bit nuts, you definitely don’t want to ration the toilet flushes because you can’t afford to use your drinkable water.

Lifestraw Home

We have a Lifestraw Home that gives us a water source for the family in case of emergencies. We can filter up to 40 gallons with the Ion Exchange filter and 264 gallons with the Membrane Microfilter that comes with the water pitcher. Purchase extra filters so you are set for long-term water options in emergencies.

The 7-cup glass water filter pitcher protects against bacteria, parasites, microplastics, lead, mercury, chlorine and  organic chemical matter. It retains essential minerals like magnesium and potassium that are good for your health.

Have you experienced power outages and emergencies? What is your number one way to prepare for winter weather? We need to share our tips so each of us is prepared for unexpected emergencies!

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