Decorating your House on a Budget

Everyone has a budget, but that doesn’t mean that your home decorating style needs to suffer. There are many ways to dress your home up in a sophisticated, stylish way regardless of your budget. Whether you have $1,000 to spend on your living room renovation or just $20 that you can comfortably spare, there’s endless ways to transform each room in your house to make it cozy, comfortable and best of all, like the high price environment you wish you could afford!

Start with the Walls

Painting the walls is one of the easiest ways to transform your home in an inexpensive, subtle way. You don’t have to invest in Ralph Lauren paint either as plenty of less expensive brands will achieve the same results. Small studio apartment or large five room home, painting your living room, bedroom or kitchen a new shade of sage green, brown or red will give it a welcoming environment you can create a whole new décor from. Do you want your walls to have a three dimensional look but can’t afford to hire a professional muralist? No problem! Instead, buy some stencil cutouts from your local hobby store and create a beautiful motif yourself.

Make Small but Significant Changes

Once you’ve given your room a paint ‘facelift’, it’s time to make some changes to your furniture. If your furniture is a different color from your new wall color and doesn’t quite ‘go’, don’t spend big bucks on an expensive, new couch that can easily set you back $500 or more. Consider buying a decorative slipcover and pillows to match. Dress up your living room even more by searching out coffee tables at your nearest city’s semi-annual furniture sales, or go to discount department stores to hunt down curtains and rugs on sale. Is your bedroom or living room lacking light? Brighter lighting or dim lighting can easily be achieved (and give off a new and exciting ambiance) by purchasing a Torchiere style floor lamp. Easy to turn on and off to the desired brightness, it’s an affordable accessory for your home!

Throw in the Accessories

Don’t underestimate the accessories you already have in your home, which can easily be made new again. Especially in small spaces, resting a plant on your window sill, put together some recent pictures in new frames above your mantle or display some potpourri into a decorative bowl as your dining room table centerpiece can add some zaa-zaa-zoom to your home.

Decorative Ideas for Less Than $20

When it comes to decorating on a budget, there is no shortage of options. Here are some creative and easy ways to transform any room in your house, and the best part is, it won’t cost you more than $19!

Update your home’s ambiance by filling it with sound! Renew your room’s atmosphere by purchasing a jazz, blues or rock CD. When you come home from a long day at the office, turn up the music (not the TV) for a new and rejuvenating ambiance. It’s amazing how much of a difference some music makes in your perception of your home!

What about your living room looks stale? If it’s those painfully white bookshelves you’ve had for the past ten years, add some sparkle to it! Change the color to a vibrant one that matches your decorative pillows or add some pattern with a stencil set.

Get your home in the spirit of the holiday season! Welcome the change of seasons by creating a centerpiece in the fall of collected leaves, acorns and small pumpkins. As Christmas approaches, hang your ornaments around the home, put up a wreath the children made on your front door or just simply bring out your red, green and crème colored blankets to dress your living room with.

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