I love seeing the birds in our yard. But I know very little about birdwatching. Last year we had a huge group of birds roost in our birch tree and we had no clue what they were. So we took pictures and looked online. Then I sent an email to our local Wildlife office. Within a few hours, I had an email back from the experts confirming that we were the proud viewers of the Cedar Waxwing in KY!


I talked to my Mom recently who told me that in their community common room there is a list where the local residents can mark which birds they have seen and where they saw them.

At campgrounds and nature centers you can often see a list of what has been seen locally.

To observe birds, you really don’t need any fancy equipment. You need a notebook to record what you see, binoculars to allow you to get up close without bothering or disturbing the birds and access to the experts. This is where google can be your best friend.

Take notes of what you see, and take a picture if possible! Then go online and type in the descriptive features so you can discover what is flying in your backyard.

Top 10 tips for birdwatching

What’s your favorite bird to watch? I’d love to hear!

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