15 Ways to Decorate Your Home on Budget

Decorating your home can be a fun experience. However, it can quickly end up costing you way more than you planned. Are you searching for ways to save money when decorating your home?

15 Ways to Decorate your Home on a Budget.

  1. Go to discount stores. Discount stores will have the latest trends at the best prices. If you are searching for brand name items, visit the discount stores in your local area.
  2. Take advantage of “floor sales” at your local furniture stores. While most furniture stores will mark up prices on their merchandise, you can get good deals when they have floor models for sale. Minor defects in the furniture can be expected but you will get it at a cheaper price.
  3. Turn to the newspaper. Old fashioned ads in the newspaper can also help you find beautiful things for your home. If antiques are your style, search for moving sales or estate sales.
  4. Social media as a way to save money. Use your social media website to help you find items that you are looking for. There are local facebook yard sale groups for almost every city and county. Just do a quick search for your city/county plus the word yard sale and you will probably find something.
  5. Create your own art. Instead of purchasing expensive artwork for you walls, create your own artwork. If you aren’t artistic, ask a friend to create a piece of art for you. Paint and canvas supplies are relatively inexpensive and can be customized to fit the theme of your décor.
  6. Decorate with unique, inexpensive ideas. Instead of going with the trends, find unique inexpensive ideas for decoration. Perhaps you will be the first one to start a new and upcoming trend.
  7. Have you been to the flea market? The flea market has tons of home décor at cheap prices. During yard sale season, check out the neighborhood sales. During the cold days, frequent the local Peddlers Mall.
  8. Another man’s trash is your treasure. Never pass up a dumpster without having a look. Don’t dig in the dumpster! Simply look for items that are strategically placed by the dumpster for people who are willing to take them.
  9. Collect from family members. Get first dibs on items that your family members are getting rid of. Whether they are having a garage sale or moving to a new home, you can get things from them for free or for very little money.
  10. Use what you have but in a different way. Find unique ways to use what you already have. Whether you add paint to a chair or simply bring your bedroom décor into the living room, using what you have can be great for your budget.
  11. Paint can make a big statement. For the biggest impact, purchase a can of paint. Don’t forget that home improvement stores like Lowes often have ‘oops paint’ that are discounted.
  12. Imperfect furnishings can save money. When searching for furnishings or décor, choose to buy things that are less than perfect. These things can easily be fixed and can provide your with significant savings which will be very beneficial to your budget.
  13. Big box stores. Big box home improvement stores may have things that you can use in your home décor such as curtains and mirrors. They are often priced cheaper than specialty stores and can provide the same look and quality.
  14. Never pay to have it done. Choose to do things yourself instead of having them installed by a maintenance man. The more you do yourself, the more money you will have to spend on the home décor.
  15. Be willing to wait for the perfect item. Make a general rule to never pay full price for anything. The item will eventually go on sale. While it may take you a while to get the look you want, the perfect home décor will be worth waiting for. Patience can be great for your budget.

Use the tips above to help decorate your home on a budget. There are many ways to save when decorating your home. What ways will you choose to save?

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