Cleaning out the HayBarn

Recently we tackled the haybarn. It hasn’t been used for quite a few years so the hay was thick and the air was full of dust. We have some great plans for the future but before we can start using this space we have to do some cleaning. For those of you who are doing the same journey and bringing an old farm back to life, here are a couple of easy tips for cleaning out the haybarn.

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Cleaning out the HayBarn

There were old feed sacks, piles of hay and old boards. It was a bit of a mess but we were ready to get started.

Use the right tools

There’s a reason people have used pitchforks for years. A pitchfork just works better than a shovel or a rake. Grab a pitchfork and get to work. *Remember to wear gloves so you don’t get blisters!

Decide where you want to put the old hay

Since we are not running livestock right now, we are using the old hay for compost. This old hay will be great to help enrich our soil for future gardens.

Start Small

Cleaning out the barn is not something we are going to accomplish in one day; it’s an ongoing process. This weekend we tackled the first layer of the loft but on our next trip out I plan to take care of the next loft area.

We’ve got ideas for how to use this hayloft but I’m curious what you would do with this great space? Would you use it for animals? Would you turn it into a play area? How would you turn this hayloft into something for the future? I’d love to hear!

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