Easy Rose Mint & Pansy Mint Salve

I love creating salves and jellies using things I grow in my own yard. Today I’m sharing 2 great salves using rose petals, mint leaves and pansies. For these two salves, I’m using almond oil, beeswax and shea butter but you can use any mix of basic salve ingredients that you have on hand. Do you like a harder salve? Try adding coconut oil. Like a softer salve? Use less beeswax. The fun thing about making salves is that you can try new variations and discover your personal favorites.

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Easy Rose Mint & Pansy Mint Salve

Rose Mint Salve Ingredients

Pansy Mint Salve Ingredients


Cut pansies, mint and rose petals

Spread them out on trays and let them dry. I used a dehydrator on the lowest setting for several hours to help speed up the process.

Pack the petals in small mason jars and pour enough oil to cover completely. *I used almond oil for this batch of salves but you can use olive oil or another oil to create your infusion.

You can create your flower infusion several different ways. I typically put a couple of small bowls in the bottom of a large pan with several inches of water. The water heats up the oil and speeds up the infusion process. *Don’t cover the jars or let the water boil. Just gently heat the water to create a warm environment for the infusion to take place.

After the oil and flowers have had time to completely combine the infusion, strain off the petals and capture your infused oil. You can stretch this process out for a few weeks if you get busy. Just cover the jars and keep in a warm place.

Combine beeswax and shea butter in a pan and heat on the stove till melted. If you like your salve a little harder, then add more beeswax and less shea butter.

  • Pour infused oil in with the melted beeswax and shea butter. Add essential oils (as desired).
  • Pour into small jars or containers.

Let sit for about an hour until the liquid salve hardens.

Rose Mint Salve

Store for as long as desired before you are ready to use.

Rose Mint Salve

DIY Salve using Rose Petals & Mint Leaves

  1. Dry Rose Petals & Mint Leaves

  2. Create Infusion with Almond Oil

  3. Strain leaves and petals

  4. Melt 1 ounce beesax & 2 ounces shea butter

  5. Add 4 ounces mint oil

  6. Add 4 ounces rose petal oil

  7. Add 25 drops peppermint (as desired)

Pansy Mint Salve

Create DIY salve with pansies and mint leaves

  1. Dry pansies petals and mint leaves

  2. Create infusion with Almond Oil

  3. Strain leaves and petals

  4. Melt 2 ounces shea butter

  5. Melt 1 ounce beeswax

  6. Add 15 drops of lavender essential oil (optional)

  7. Add 4 ounces pansy and mint oil combined

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