Winter Greenhouse Gardening Update


Last month my family gave me a walk in greenhouse so I could experiment with winter gardening. I started out growing an assortment of vegetables and have added several new things to the shelves over the past four weeks. Many of you have been asking how things are growing, so here is my one month update.

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Winter Greenhouse Gardening Update

This greenhouse was super simple to set up and has been up a month now! So far-so good! I ordered the Deluxe Walk In Greenhouse from Amazon and have been super pleased!

What’s Growing

I saved the celery stalk and used toothpicks to hold the stalk just right above a bowl of water. It started growing from the inside and is now forming it’s own new stalk!

I had some tomato plants that had started growing in the garden left over from the summer crop so I transplated two of the plants into a pot and have been watching them grow in the greenhouse. I don’t really know if I’ll get full tomatos but I do have a couple of blooms!

I found a flat of pansies in the clearance section of Lowes a few weeks ago and transplanted them into pots. They are all living and still blooming!

My lettuce and carrots are both growing and are about two inches tall. I even started a 2nd tray of lettuce that will hopefully come into full harvest a few weeks after the first tray. By doing this, maybe I’ll get to eat fresh lettuce all winter long.

I dug up a small plant of mint from a family member’s garden and am hoping it will root so I can grow several new starts from it. The idea of having fresh mint throughout the cold winter is very appealing since I love to use it to flavor my glass of water.

Tips to Make Life Easier

  • It helps to keep several old milk jugs filled with water in the greenhouse. Now I have water available when I need to water the plants. This is also a way to keep some additional heat in the greenhouse. Supposedly the milk jugs absorb heat during the day and release it throughout the night.
  • I keep some basic garden tools like gloves, extra potting soul and small hand trowels so I can have them available when I need them.

My next experiment is to plant some chives and maybe root some green onions that I have been growing in a jar of water in the kitchen.

Weather Updates

So far we haven’t had any really cold spells yet in Kentucky. We’ve had some frost but nothing dramatic. I haven’t put a thermometer to measure the temperature but I can tell an instant difference when I unzip the door. I want to add one that also measures the humidity so I can keep a record.

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Have you ever had a winter greenhouse? What did you or would you grow? I’m loving the adventure and thoroughly enjoy going out there several times a week to check on the plants and get a little taste of summer even on cold days.

Did you miss part one where I started my greenhouse experiment last month? Check out the details here!

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  1. I set mine up around March and keep my seedlings in it. If it gets too cold for vegetables, I bring them back in. I have found flowers are usually okay. I often throw and blanket on top, also line with bubble wrap, outdoor cushions, etc. to keep it warmer. Sometimes I will run a heater but only if I am home as it it on my deck next to my house.

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