How to Make JewelWeed Salve


I love getting outside and hiking through the woods or working in my flower gardens but unfortunately, I often get into poison ivy. It’s just one of the hazards of working out in the yard in rural Kentucky. I typically turn to an OTC anti-itch cream to treat the rash but this year I discovered a new option growing in my yard. Have you heard of Jewelweed? We have so much of this beautiful ‘weed’ down around the creek that I decided to try this more natural solution treating the effects of poison ivy and mosquito bites! If you are ready to try a homemade salve to calm the itch, check out how easy it is to make Jewelweed Salve.

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***I am not a doctor and am not giving medical advice. Before using any natural herbs or remedies, do your own research and consult your physician.

How to Make JewelWeed Salve

Find Jewelweed

The Jewelweed in our yard is easy to find down by the creek. It seems to like wet areas and multiplies like crazy. The orange bloom is small and distinct. The stems are knotty and get smaller as they get closer to the bloom.s

Harvest Jewelweed

To make Jewelweed Salve, you will only be using the stems. Some people use all the pieces of the plant but for my first attempt, I only used the stems. I tore off the leaves and then broke or cut the stem into small pieces and stuffed them into a pint sized mason jar.

I also added in some plantain leaves when I made my infused oil. Plantain is a common weed that grows in many yards. It’s not crictical to include but does add some other helpful medicinal properties.

How to Identify Plantain

Make Jewelweed Infused Oil

I am still learning how to make infused oil but it was a super simple process. I simply poured olive oil over the mason jar filled with Jewelweed stems and created a makeshift double boiler to heat the mixture. Let it simmer on very low heat for several hours to create the infused oil mixture. **Do not put a top on your mason jar since you are heating oil.

After it has simmered for several hours, strain off the stems and collect the oil.

Create the Salve

Melt Beeswax on the stove and then pour in the Jewelweed infused oil. I used a ratio of 4:1 for my salve and it turned out perfect. I had 8 ounces of Jewelweed oil so I used 2 ounces of beeswax. Once the oil and beeswax have mixed together, pour into small jars or tins.

Let the hot liquid sit in the jars until it cools completely. You will notice that the gold liquid will turn a very pale cream color as it cools and hardens.

Now you have the perfect home remedy for treating mosquito bites and poison ivy!

Have you ever made Jewelweed Salve? I’d love to hear what other simple salves you create to help with common issues.

Looking for other homemade ideas! How about crocheting a washcloth out of extra yarn?

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  1. I don’t have the plant, but I’d like to make jewelweed salve. Can I use jewelweed extract in olive oil instead of using the fresh plant? How much extract would I use?

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