Class Reunion Series Book Review

How many years has it been since you graduated from high school? I just realized that I have been out of high school for 22 years. I graduated in 1991 and have never attended a class reunion; not because I didn’t want to attend, but because the school I graduated from was a very small private school and they have never had a reunion. Here is a book series that celebrates and highlights the drama that is a part of many class reunion events.

The Class Reunion Series by Abingdon Press (June 1, 2013) is a three part book series that takes an in-depth look at how the insecurities of high school often continue into our adult lives and relationships.

Class Reunion Series Review

Pretty_Is_As_Pretty_DoesMost students in high school have a label. There are the academics, chorus and band members, the athletic stars, the nobodys that the popular kids overlook and of course the super ‘in group’ that everyone wants to be a part of. The first book in the Class Reunion series is a series of personal chapters from the perspective of the different students in the class 10 years after graduation.

The invitations have come in the mail to attend the 10 year Class Reunion and no one is ready. Each of the students wishes their life had turned out different. None of them are happy with themselves – some wish their weight was less, others are ashamed of their job choice. Whether they are divorced, remarried or still single – each of the classmates is scared to attend and have their other classmates see what they have done or not done in the 10 years since graduation.

This is an engaging book series that follows these students through the 10, 15 and 20 year reunions. I have only read the first book so far but am intrigued by the idea of growing up with these students and seeing how their choices affect their lives.

About the book

Priscilla Slater goes to her ten-year high school reunion with equal parts dread and eager anticipation. Even though she’s a successful owner of a chain of hair salons and no longer has the mousy brown hair, crooked teeth, and discount-store wardrobe, she still feels like the ugly duckling. But when she arrives at the reunion, Priscilla soon realizes that her old classmates aren’t exactly as she remembers them. With humor and a just a touch of sassiness, Priscilla finds herself facing her own truth—and she may be surprised at what she discovers.

About the author

Debby Mayne is a best-selling author who has published more than 25 books and novellas, 400 short stories and articles, and devotions for women. She has also worked as managing editor of a national health magazine, product information writer for HSN, a creative writing instructor, and a copy editor and proofreader. Her novel, Love Finds You in Treasure Island, Florida received 4-1/2 stars from RT Book Review, and was named a Top Pick for the month of July. She and her husband Wally have two grown daughters, and live in Palm Harbor, Florida.

You can read the first chapter of the book here.

Pretty is as Pretty Does (bk 1)
Bless Her Heart (bk 2)
Tickled Pink (bk 3)


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I received this book series from Christian Fiction Blog Alliance. I was not required to write a positive review.

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