Paige Rewritten Book Review

Is your life predictable? Do you ever find yourself satisfied with the boring routine you call life? In part 2 of the Paige Alder Novels, Paige finds herself in a predictable life that gets rocked by an ex-boyfriend, an estranged sister and the potential to totally change her job situation.

I really enjoy this series. The story is laid back, no suspense, no murder, drugs or intrigue – just the story of Paige and her friends as they ramble through life trying to juggle work, relationships with each other and God.

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Paige Rewritten

This is the sort of book that is perfect to pick up and read when I’m in the carline or waiting at the doctors office. Though the book is funny in parts, there is a strong message of the importance of relying on God and keeping the relationship with God as a top priority.

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paige rewritten

About the Book

Paige Alder is in a really good place. She’s dating nice guy Tyler. Her boss has offered her a raise. Her walk with God is strong. Life is great—and that’s when things start to change.

First, the youth pastor at church keeps asking Paige to work with him full-time. Then her sister shows up newly engaged and wanting to reconnect, even though they haven’t spoken in years. And now former boyfriend Luke has come back into her life. How is Paige supposed to know what the right decisions are?

This warm and humorous second book in the Paige Alder series will help young girls work through important issues, such as forgiving others and obeying God.

About the Author

Erynn Mangum is the author of the popular Lauren Holbrook (Miss Match, ReMatch, and Match Point) and Maya Davis (Cool Beans, Latte Daze, and Double Shot) series of books and the recent novel Sketchy Behavior. Her writing can also be found on her personal blog and Scribble Chicks, a blog for young writers.

You can read the first chapter here.

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