The Perfect Christmas Plunger

Don’t you love it when kids come up with Christmas Gifts for each other? We have a tradition in our family where all three kids get $20. With that money, they are to come up with a gift for each of the other members of the family – $5.00 per person. I love watching their brains go into gear as they think about the perfect gift for the siblings, Dad and me.

This year, my 6 year old son had the perfect gift idea for his 11 year old brother. So we headed to the store to find his gift – the perfect Christmas plunger!

The Perfect Christmas Plunger

I had no idea that choosing a plunger could be such a task. My son and I went to Dollar General Store and looked for the perfect plunger. But they didn’t have the right one! So we went to Walmart and tested out every plunger in the selection. Did you know that the perfect plunger should be able to stick to the floor? It also had to have the right balance so you can sword fight. When he finally chose the right one, he was so proud of himself. I couldn’t keep from laughing as I watched him plan the perfect gift!

My sons both love Mario which is why my oldest wanted a plunger. I love the fact that my kids know each other well enough to know what would make them laugh on Christmas morning!


The Twist

My 9 year old daughter had several moments of panic because of this gift. My 6 year old wrapped her present in the very same size box, so in her mind she assumed they were both getting the same present. We let my oldest open the present first and we could tell that Natalie was terrified she was going to have to say thanks for a plunger when she had no desire to receive one. You can imagine her relief when she opened her present that turned out to be a pretty sparkly baton instead of a plunger!

What was your most fun moment on Christmas morning? I’d love to hear your stories!

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  1. That sounds like fun! We do that sometimes. I cant remember how old Tristen was but he picked out a toy he liked for each person. It was hilarious. I would say… why are you picking out those googly eye glasses for your sister (who was like 16 at least). Oh she’ll love them because she likes monster movies. And so it was for each silly gift 🙂

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