Easy Friendship Bracelets on the Go

Do you love to make Friendship Bracelets? If you remember making them using a safety pin attached to a pillow or your jeans, then you are going to love how easy it is to make friendship bracelets with this super cool Traveler version. It’s small enough to take along in the car on a road trip and simple enough that anyone who can tie a know can create some really cool Friendship Bracelets on the go!

Friendship Bracelet Maker Traveler

Making friendship bracelets with this Traveler is as simple as tying some knots and following the pattern. My son was super excited about this cool bracelet that is as good as the ones they were selling at school recently.

friendship bracelet maker traveler

You pick your colors and tie a loop in the middle. There is a cool looking clip to hold the knot in place. Then you can tie a double knot in the first 2 strings. You keep moving through each of the strands of color and attach them in the little pegs at the end of the maker.

friendship bracelet 2

I have to admit that I wasn’t impressed with the first couple rounds of color. I was convinced that I had made a mistake, but you start to see the pattern after a couple rounds.

friendship bracelet done

Tip: It seems to make a cleaner pattern if one person does the whole bracelet without help from others. Since everyone seems to make a double knot a little differently, then the pattern can be changed if you have help from others.

Order Friendship Braclet Maker Traveler

You can order My Friendship Bracelet Maker Traveler from Amazon for under $20.00.

friendship bracelet 4

Do you enjoy making friendship bracelets? This is a fun way to bring the old style fun of our generation to the kids of today. What’s your favorite memory of these friendship braclets?

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