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13 Aug

Save Money at your National Park

We love our National Parks and have visited many over the past years! Many of the National Parks do not charge an entrance fee or admission, but for those...

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04 Aug

How to Create the Perfect S’more

Knowing how to create the perfect s’more is not really rocket science; but it does take some practice. Do you burn your marshmallows till they are black and crispy?...

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28 Jul

Dog Slaughter Falls – Corbin, KY

My family loves to explore our Kentucky backyard. A few years ago we discovered Dog Slaughter Falls outside Corbin, Kentucky. This is probably my favorite hiking trail that our...

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20 Jul

12 Things To Take Camping

There are things that everyone knows to pack for a camping trip with the family. No one would even think about going camping without a sleeping bag, pillow, bug...

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09 Jul

Hiking to the MASH Movie Set

Radar, Hawkeye, Margaret Houlihan, Father Mulcahy, Klinger…. Who is your favorite character from M*A*S*H? Have you seen all the episodes and already have the theme song ringing in your...

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29 Jun

Visiting the Giant Sequoias: Kings Canyon National Park

Some people love the beach and find their peace when they are standing on the shore with sand in their toes. Other people love the mountains and are energized...

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