Warm Weather Tips & Gear


As the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to start thinking about more time outdoors. Whether you are prepping your garden, planning your next hiking trip, or heading to the beach, it’s important to have the right gear. Here’s some of my favorite things to check now before you begin your next outdoor adventure.

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Warm Weather Tips & Gear

Check Your Hiking Backpack

We have always loved going on hiking adventures with the kids. We’ve explored waterfalls, overlooks, state and national parks, and trails all across the United States. There are certain things we always make sure we have on our person before we hit the trails.

  • Bug spray
  • Hats
  • Water bottles
  • Backpack
  • Basic First Aid Kit

Upgrade your Sunscreen

If you are like most moms’ you probably have a stash of bug spray and sunscreen stored back a cabinet. Now is the perfect time to check the bottles, sprays and cans for expiration dates. Do you have everything you need to get the season started?

Just because you’ve always used the standard brands from your local drugstore doesn’t mean you can’t up your game.

Sunshine & Glitter x Crayola: fun and protective sunscreen that will have you sparking in iridescent bio-degradable pink glitter all season long! Our SPF 50 sunscreen provides 80-minutes of water resistance along with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Sunscreen that smells as good as it looks with a Jazzberry Jam fragrance that’s fruity and fun!!!

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Stay Cool in the Heat

A few summers ago we spent some time in Paulden, Arizona at an outdoor training school. To say it was hot is a definite understatement. On the first day, I was struggling to keep up in the heat and another student gave me a cooling hat. That opened up a whole world of options that help us stay more comfortable when we are out on adventures in the heat. Now we make sure that we all have cooling hats and scarves for all the family.

  • Buy cooling hats or towels that help protect your body from the heat.

What outdoor adventures are you planning? Have you got any tips for getting your gear ready? I’d love to hear!

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