How to Create the Perfect S’more


Knowing how to create the perfect s’more is not really rocket science; but it does take some practice. Do you burn your marshmallows till they are black and crispy? Do you prefer your marshmallows flaming when you place them on the chocolate? Are you one of those people who lay out all the graham crackers with the chocolate so they will be perfectly ready for the roasted marshmallow? Here is the basic way to build a s’more plus some really creative ideas for making s’mores indoors.

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How to create the Perfect S’more

It’s easy to create S’mores – Just roast the marshmallow over the fire, lay it on top of some chocolate and then sandwich it between two graham crackers. I personally think the perfect s’more has a golden brown marshmallow – no black, burned spots! You place it on 3 pieces of the chocolate candybar so it will melt evenly between the crackers. But I will admit that I will eat a s’more just about any way! They taste so good!


  • Marshmallows
  • Chocolate Candybars
  • Graham Crackers
smores perfect

But some people love to take the tasty S’mores ingredients and reinvent them just a bit. Recently, we tried Reeses Peanut Butter Cups on our S’mores instead of Hershey’s chocolate!  By switching up the chocolate just a bit, our regular S’mores just took it up a whole notch!  Now we’re curious about trying all our other favorite chocolate candy bars!

Looking for a fun gift idea? How about a Hersheys S’mores Kit? Just pick up some marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers to add to this cool tote box for the perfect gift for the outdoor lover!

S’mores Gift Idea

About 20 years ago, we bought one Marshmallow/hotdog skewer to use out by the fire. This thing has served us well for many campfires, but I think it’s about time we upgraded to these telescoping rotating forks! This way we could have several people roasting their hotdogs and marshmallows at one time!

City Bonfires

Want to make s’mores by the fire but don’t have a fire pit or outdoor area to build the fire? City Bonfires is a portable, reusable mini bonfire that you can take on all of your outdoor adventures or use on your outdoor patio. This is a 4 inch by 2 inch round metal tin that is filled with non-toxic soy wax, creating a mobile heat source – a mini bonfire! Each City Bonfire is handmade in Maryland with American-made materials.

What to take to a S’mores Party

Because we have S’mores parties at least once a month at our house, here are a few tips to help you remember what to take to your next campfire!

Indoor S’mores Options

Love S’mores but no time to go out and build a fire? Just use the microwave or these cool sterno S’mores kit options:

Recipe Twists on Traditional S’mores

I’ve gathered some great recipe tweaks that will help you create the perfect smores flavor wherever you are.

How do you love your Smores? Over the fire? In the microwave? On a pizza? In a Jar? I want to hear your ideas!

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