Beat the Summer Slump with Board Games

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Most parents and teachers are familiar with the phrase “Summer Slump”. Kids get out of school and enjoy 6-8 weeks of no school and forget some of the things they learned the previous school year. Many parents have grand plans for helping their kids do daily computer programs or summer ‘schoolwork’ but it gets tough. We’re trying a different tactic this summer! We’re going to play more board games and see if we can beat this dreaded summer slump by having some bonus fun!

Beat the Summer Slump with board games

Beat the Summer Slump with Board Games

Board games can provide great opportunities to keep math skills sharp and spelling even sharper. Use games like Scrabble and Upwords to help your student practice their spelling skills. Keeping score is a great way to practice real life addition. Games that make you think outside the box like Scattergories Categories help kids with spelling and association thinking.

If you have pre-readers, then a game like Moose Caboose or The Velveteen Rabbit will help them develop and hone their fine motor skills and ability to think outside the box.

Scattegories Categories

Scattergories Categories

Think you’re quick with coming up with words that fit into a category? Scattergories Categories will challenge you to think hard and fast! Take the category that you are given and then come up with as many words that fit that category before the timer runs out.

The Velveteen Rabbit

Velveteen Rabbit Game

The Velveteen Rabbit is one of my favorite children’s stories. I love the idea that you love something so much, it becomes real. This board game is perfect for pre-readers who are learning to play games. You simply spin the spinner and move around the board to collect the cards. There are of course some fun twists in the game that bring out the fun of this classic story!

The game captures the spirit of the cherished story as players’ rabbits venture around the board, collecting cards along the way, in a quest to become real.



Upwards is great game for challenging players to think up instead of just side by side. Can you turn the word “pop” to “mop”? What if is attached to another word and one letter will change everything? This game challenges spelling and thinking ahead in addition to the need to keep score correctly.

Upwords has been sending word builders soaring to new heights ever since the game debuted in 1983. Now, the Classic 80’s version is back! The 8×8 gameboard grid and 64 letter tiles challenge players to think “upside” the box!

Rubix Travel

rubix cube

This travel size Rubix Cube is perfect for taking on a road trip or attaching to a backpack. I have never been able to finish a full Rubix cube, but I sure do like to try!

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  1. We love playing games! Scrabble is one of our favorite ones. I love the games you mentioned here. I’ll have to try them all!!!

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