Have Fun Learning Family Trivia

How well do you know your family members? Can you guess what their answer will be to questions about their favorite food, best childhood memory or your parents anniversary? I think it’s important to have fun learning family trivia. Recently my kids and I had the chance to try out a new board game –Chatter Matters. We discovered something pretty interesting.

Have Fun Learning Family Trivia

Chatter Matters

Back in early 2000, Mattel released this game called Chatter Matters. You can still buy it used on Ebay or Amazon, but probably not in the main stores. My parents who love to find unique stuff at thrift stores, picked the game up for a couple of dollars. This is quite the party game for families.

Chatter Matters
Chatter Matters – What do you know about your family?

Each player is given a plastic house and they are trying to earn enough allowance chips to win the game. For each card you are given either a question or a task. You might have to go on a quick scavenger hunt to find items or list as many answers for given categories (ex: go back and forth and see who can name the most Disney movies).

My favorite part of this game was the family questions. Do you know your parents anniversary? What were your grandparents occupation? What is a favorite childhood memory of the person on your right?

Even my kids were thinking hard trying to remember where Daddy and I were married, what state I was born in or how many siblings each of their grandparents had.

Every family chatters about the seemingly insignificant details of life. But it’s those details that help strengthen and connect us all.

Where to find Chatter Matters

Good luck! You can still find Chatter Matters on Ebay or Amazon occasionally, but we found this game at the local thrift store.

If you do find the game and need the rules, you can find them here.

Create your own Car Version

Ever since the kids were litte toddlers, we would often play a version of this called “Do You Know Me?”. I would ask them each a question with my best game show host voice: “What is your brother’s favorite food?” “What is Daddy’s sister’s name?” “What state was Mommy born in?” You can make up the questions based on each family and the age of the child.

do you know me
Learn Family Trivia and have Fun!

I have always thought it important that my children know trivia about their family members.

Questions to ask

  • Birthdays for all family members
  • Favorite foods/colors
  • Pets over the years
  • Where were Mommy and Daddy married?
  • Anniversary dates?
  • Best vacations/trips/travel memories
  • Aunts/Uncles/cousins names

So even if you can’t find the board game for Chatter Matters, try playing “Do You Know Me?” with your kids!

How do you make learning about family members fun? Got any stories or tricks? I’d love to hear!

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