Beach Tents & Umbrellas to Keep you Cool

When you spend the day at the beach you need to have shade options. We have a Shade Umbrella as well as a shade tent from Lightspeed Outdoors. Here are some perfect beach tents & umbrellas to help you keep cool and enjoy the beach!


Tents & Umbrellas for the Beach

The Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Beach Canopy Tent is a one step set up tent. You simply unroll the shade tent from the bag and pull the inside string to set it up. The poles are attached to the tent and require little work or set up on your part.


Read my review from 2012 including a video showing how easy it is to set up the Shade Canopy

The Lightspeed Shade Canopy offers enough shade for several people to sit and get out of the sun. It is not tall enough for an adult to stand but is perfect for stretching out a beach towel or sitting in a chair. There is a separate detachable shade wall that you can attach if you want to block the sun on a 2nd side.

This Shade Canopy is the easy way to give you maximum shade at the beach, in the backyard or at a sporting event.


We also have a Shade Umbrella that requires very little setup. If you have been to the beach recently you have seen these up and and down the shoreline.

They simply screw into the sand and pop open like a traditional umbrella. The umbrellas are super lightweight and offer quick and easy shade for sunny days spent on the beach.


Some people prefer to use the more traditional EZ Up Shade Tent. These tents are a little more cumbersome but offer the most shade protection from the sun. You can adjust them to the height and angle you want to get the most shade possible.


Whatever option you choose for your next beach adventure, do a little prep ahead of time and make sure you have the right shade options for you and your family!


What is your favorite shade tent? I’d love to hear!

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