Durbin Farms Market on I65

If you are traveling on I65 looking for a great local place to eat and stock up on farm fresh produce, then Durbin Farms Market and Restaurant is for you! Located at exit 205 on I65 in Alabama, this local market offers the best sandwiches, ice cream and fresh produce.


Durbin Farms Market on I65

Sometimes when we’re on the road, we just want to find something to snack on that is a little fresher than the typical burger and fries. We stopped here at Durbin Farms Market and bought some fresh peaches – enough for the whole family and some for the family back home!


You can find all sorts of fresh, garden grown vegetables and fruits as well as souvenirs and fun novelties over in the gift store.


The sandwiches are a little pricier than the dollar menu at the local chain restaurants, but sometimes you just need something that tastes a little more like home food!

durbin cafe

Find Durbins

Find Durbins Farm Online Market on their website and on Facebook
2130 7th St S
Clanton, Alabama
(205) 755-1672

Do you stop at rest areas and chain restaurants or do you prefer places like this when you travel? I’d love to hear your favorite roadside stands to stop and grab a bite to eat!

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