How to Create Backyard Summer Fun

Summertime! It’s time for no school and fun summer days. Whether you want to give your kids a fun way to enjoy backyard summer fun without spending a ton of money or just looking for a little reminder of how to get out and have some fun in the backyard pool, here are some ideas to create backyard summer fun!

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How to Create Backyard Summer Fun

If you have a pool in your backyard, then you are already ahead of the backyard summer fun game! Pick up some new floats, dive toys or floating ball games and you are set! But if you don’t have a swimming pool, then you may need to get a little more creative!

Make Homemade Snow Cones

Recently we purchased an Electric Snow Cone Maker and Hawaiian Shaved Ice Syrup so we can make our own snowcones. Now we have the tasty fun of summer right from our own kitchen.

Make a Slip N Slide

If you have a Slip N Slide in the garage, pull it out and let the kids create their own water park! No slip N slide? Just create your own!

My kids pulled out a couple of tarps and a sprinkler to create their own! Tip: Use baby oil or dish soap to make the tarp a little more slippery. You can even let them wear a plastic trashbag like a poncho to make it a little easier to slip and slide!

Host a Water Gun Fight

When is the last time you bought your kids a new watergun? Recently, we went out and bought a couple new Nerf Supersoaker Water Guns! Let them turn on the waterhose, fill up a bucket and have a huge water gun fight!

Tip: My kids like to wear goggles during a water gun fight so they can see through the water!

Create a DIY WaterGun Storage Station

Scrappy Geek created this really cool DIY WaterGun Storage Rack using pallet and swim noodles!


Twist some Old Favorites

Give your kids some basic game pieces like traffic cones, beanbags, flags, rings and dice and let them create their own games and fun. Check out these game ideas using simple backyard game pieces.

backyard fun gear

Have a Marshmallow Gun Target Shoot-Off!

Playing with this new Blaster is the perfect opportunity to have some fun and take a break from all the craziness going on right now! The Blaster holds 50 mini-marshmallows and can launch distances of up to 40 feet! Add cornstarch to your marshmallows and watch a cool puff of white dust form as you launch them, great for slo-mo video or quick picture 🙂

 Marshmallow Blaster Double Barrel Blaster

Make Tie Dye Shirts

How do you create backyard fun? I’d love to hear your fun ideas!

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