5 Tips for Hosting Summer Parties

The summer season of entertaining is in full swing. From pool parties, backyard barbecues, 4th of July celebrations, graduations, and weddings, there are plenty of opportunities to entertain and spend time with family and friends. These events can be opportunities to make memories, create laughter and share fun, but are also the prime time for melt downs, boring party flops and times of family squabbles. Here are 5 tips for hosting summer parties.

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5 Tips for Hosting Summer Parties

Kep the Bugs Away:

No-one can enjoy a party if they are getting bitten by mosquitos or burned by the hot sun. Have a bottle of sunscreen and bug spray sitting out for your guests to use if they want it. Consider burning a citronella candle on the picnic table unless your guests are allergic. Put out a bottle of hand sanitizer in an easily accessible location.

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Offer Seating Options:

Make sure there are plenty of places for everyone to sit. Think about your guest’s needs. Do they need a shade umbrella for those who don’t want to be out in the sun? Do you need some folding chairs for older relatives? Are there places for everyone to relax and be comfortable? You don’t have to go out and buy brand new yard chairs for a summer party. If you don’t have enough outdoor seating, then bring out the kitchen chairs or spread a blanket for the kids to enjoy.

Summer Party

Stock up on Food:

One of the important things about summer parties is making sure there are plenty of drinks and snacks. If you are serving water bottles or cans of cokes, you may want to stock a cooler full of ice and leave it on the porch where your guests can easily find them. Don’t be afraid to think outside the traditional cooler for your drinks. You can use just about anything for a drink cooler (wheelbarrow, wagon, kiddie pool or flower pot, plastic bucket etc). Just line the container with a plastic bag and fill with ice and drinks.

Tip: Place a sharpie marker beside the drink table so guests can label water bottles or plastic cups.

Plan Laid Back Entertainment:

One problem with parties is that there are no activities for the young people to get involved in. Keep guests of all ages from getting bored by having easy games like corn hole, ladder ball, and horse shoes set up in the yard. These games don’t involve major setup or planning and can just happen naturally as people mingle.

Have some party games set up on tables under shade tents or inside on card tables for guests who may not want to be in the sun. Games like Jenga, Sunk, and Pit work well for this kind of events.

Of course, you could play Watermelon Smash and bring some cool fun options for the kids!

Watermelon Smash Challenge

Most parties go better with some music playing in the background. But consider your guests. Do they prefer background music or a more DJ style radio top hits playlist? You want the music to add to the atmosphere but not be overwhelming and too loud. Consider your guests and think about what music is appropriate for the entire family and guest lists.

Tip: If you know your guests love to sing, then consider setting up a mike and a karaoke machine over to one side of your yard or porch. You might end up with an impromptu karaoke contest happening between the guests.

Have a BackUp Plan:

The best parties don’t always happen the way you plan them. Sometimes you may end up with weather issues, unexpected additional guests, no-shows or burned hamburgers off the grill. Make sure you think ahead and plan for the unexpected. If you are planning an outdoor event, plan where you will go if it rains. Be flexible and ready to run grab more sandwich meat if you run out.

What tips do you have for throwing and hosting summer parties? I’d love to hear!

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  1. I would like to know more about “watermelon smash.” How is it done? It looks like fun.

  2. Make sure you have lots of drinks! It’s hot out there and with everyone running around sometimes they run out of what they brought themselves.

  3. Have activities or kids to do or games both adults and kids can play, like corn hole toss. Stock extra drinks if it is a hot day especially.

  4. Need help with bugs and mosquitoes ! Have. Ever played dunk hat game?which is better between it and watermelon?

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