7 Tips for your Summer Bucket List

It’s getting close to the end of the school year. That means families are making their summer plans. Will you go to the beach, the mountains, stay home and enjoy a backyard pool? Will you go camping, hiking, have backyard BBQs? Everyone is ready for a good summer break, but if you don’t plan for the things that are important, the summer will be gone before you accomplish the things you want to do. Here are 7 Tips for your summer bucket list to help you make memories all summer long!

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7 Tips for your Summer Bucket List

Tips for the perfect Summer Bucket List

Get the Family Involved:

Summer vacation is a family activity. Give each member of the family an assignment with simple instructions. List the things you want to do, see or experience this summer. If the kids are too small to write, then have them draw pictures or tell you what they think is important. You may find that some of their wishes are pretty simple: a watermelon picnic or water balloon fight in the backyard. Some things may be completely out of the realm of possibilities, but don’t say no. Just let each member make their list.

See what Overlaps:

Is there anything on multiple lists? Maybe there are variations, but are the ideas the same? Is there a theme? Maybe everyone wants to go camping or swimming. Make a new list with the common things. You may be surprised that more of the family is interested in doing something than you realized.

Find Options:

If the kids want to go to Disney but that’s not an option this year, put it on a long term idea list. Then look closer to home for something that might fulfill that same need. Maybe the kids don’t have to go to Orlando to get the fun of the theme park. Consider a day to an amusement park that is closer to home. Is everyone craving the beach in Florida but it’s too far? How about a water park instead? Is pool time on the list but you don’t own a pool. Check out the local pools for a family pass so you can spend plenty of time in the water.

Mark the Calendar:

The 2 months of summer will go by very fast. Print off a calendar so the kids can see the weeks and then mark the dates that you know are already planned. Do you plan to attend Vacation Bible School? Is there a family reunion scheduled? Do you already have 4th of July plans? Make sure you leave some down time for impromptu family events and overnight stays with grandparents.

Make the List Real:

Validate the bucket list ideas by displaying them in a tangible way. If they are young, you may want to use an actual sand bucket and designate it as your Summer Bucket List. Have everyone right down the things that you plan and drop them in the bucket.

If the kids are older, then you may just want to stick a list on the refrigerator with your summer plans. However you choose to display your list, just make sure you actually write things down that you want to do.

Include Reading in your Plans:

Summer is a great time to get some reading in for all ages. Give your kids a reading assignment. Utilize the library reading program or check out the local bookstores for their program.

Present a Challenge & Reward:

Is there a skill that you or your kids aren’t good at? How about challenging the family to a little competition. If the kids can’t type, then find a good typing game online and offer a reward to the family member who improves the most. Need to learn to swim? Ride a bike? Tie their shoe? Learn something new and then offer a reward!

What do you plan to do this summer? Got big plans? I’d love to hear!

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