4 Tips for DIY Birthday Cakes

I remember the days when my nephews were having their first birthday. I would spend hours, sometimes even several days working to create the perfect cake for their birthday parties. It was so much fun and such a huge mess. Then I had kids of my own and I thought I should continue the tradition. I discovered something amazing. I didn’t enjoy the process. So I found some easy solutions for birthday cakes in our family. The way we decorate birthday cakes keeps evolving every year. Here are 4 tips for DIY Birthday Cakes.

4 Tips for DIY Birthday Cakes

Sure, you can buy a cake at the store that is perfect and flawless. It will fit the theme of your party and have beautiful hand designed words. But for our family, we have not gone that route for most of the birthdays. There have been a few where it’s been easier to let the kids pick out their cake from the deli. But most years, we do something a little different.

Use New Toys on Sheet Cake

One fun option for decorating a cake is using a brand new toy. We will sometimes ask the kids what theme they want for the party and then go find a small toy that we can use for the decorations. If they are going with the LEGO Star Wars theme, then we use one of the small sets. We have done this with Indiana Jones LEGO sets, Super heroes and more. This is a fun way for the kids to get a bonus gift for their birthday. Once the party is over, they simply wash off the toys and enjoy playing with the pieces.

star wars cake

Cupcakes and Tiny Toys

One year my daughter wanted to have cupcakes and horses for her birthday. I found a bag of small plastic horses and put one horse on each cupcake. We used a cupcake stand and lots of balloons to create a super special birthday table.

horse cupcakes

Let them Do their Own Thing

Last year my son started a new tradition. He wanted to create the most ooey-gooey, amazing cake EVER! So I let him pick his toppings and he went to work. This cake was not going to win any beauty prizes, but it sure was fun!

do their own thing

Ideas for Toppings
Cookies, candy, sprinkles, chocolate of all shapes, marshmallows, cool whip, icing

Create a Candy Lane Game board

My friend Heather created an amazing Candy Land cake for her daughter’s birthday. The cake itself was not complicated and didn’t require a degree in cake decorating, but turned out amazing!

How do you decorate birthday cakes for your kids? Got any tips? I’d love to hear!

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