The Best Sugar Cookies {and lessons kids learn}


What is your favorite sugar cookie recipe? Do you have great memories of making cookies as a kid with your Mom or Grandmother? Can you remember sneaking the dough as you waited to finish cutting out the shapes? Sugar Cookies are arguably the most nostalgic cookie that brings out the kid in all of us. I’ve gathered some of the best sugar cookie recipes from around the blogs and some of the lessons kids learn from baking these traditional favorites.


Lessons learned from Baking Sugar Cookies

Think Outside the Traditional Box

When kids follow new recipes, they learn to think outside the box. Typically for sugar cookies, you use eggs, butter, sugar and flour. But not mayonnaise. The girls followed a brand new recipe this past week when they were making sugar cookies and discovered that using a non traditional ingredient yielded some pretty tasty results.

You can find the full recipe for Mayonnaise Sugar Cookies.

Give it your full Concentration


Following a new recipe requires full concentration. I will never forget when I was close to their age that my friend and I decided to cook supper for the family. Our mashed potatoes earned themselves a place in family history. I don’t think they were actually mashed potatoes – more like potato soup or something else that wasn’t really edible. When you cook, you must concentrate and really focus on what you are doing.

Work Together


Cooking is like many other things in life – It goes much smoother when you work together. I loved watching the girls make, bake and decorate the cookies. They had to compromise on who got to do the ‘fun’ parts of the cooking experience. Who stirred the dough? Who got to roll the balls? Coat them with sugar? What size cookie balls were perfect? Only by working together were they able to create the perfect cookies.

The Perfect Sugar Cookie Recipes

Do you have the perfect sugar cookie recipe? Does it have a secret ingredient? Here are a few of the best sugar cookies from around the blogs. Give them all a try and then let me know which sugar cookie recipe is the best!

Striped Sugar Cookies


Triple Berry Cream Filed Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies


Amazing Soft Sugar Cookies

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